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Microsoft Hosts: GNOME & Mono Festival of Love

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  • Microsoft Hosts: GNOME & Mono Festival of Love

    Phoronix: Microsoft Hosts: GNOME & Mono Festival of Love

    Coming up in a few weeks will be the "GNOME and Mono Festival of Love", a hack-fest being held at Microsoft's New England Research and Development Center...

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    Microsoft is just a criminal:

    "Espionage tool Flame was signed with valid Microsoft certificates "
    "Microsoft's FUD LinuxTag Video:the wrong questions to get the answers microsoft want: "
    "Microsoft fled from Germany because the German law and order ruin microsoft."
    "Breaking news: King Linus Torvalds makes Microsoft Fat32 patent invalid (Prior art) "
    "Microsoft censorship pirate-bay with windows messager "
    "Microsoft thinks uninstalling Internet explorer and installing other browsers is Sick "
    "Windows 8 push "Kill Switches_for_the_First_Time "
    "Microsoft, Intel, and Google team up to handcuff HTML 5 media with "DRM" "
    Microsoft+Lenovo lose a battle on court again linux users they now get money back!!
    "Windows crappy security caused schoolboy suicide "
    and the newest shit Microsoft Visual Studio ends the open-source support for "desktop-style applications"

    i just stop here because i can go one a unlimited time and then the forum thread explodes
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      and suddenly... Windows 8 is explained.


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        "Spy trojan Flame was installed as a official windows update over the network "

        LOL this is really hardcore these "CIA/NSA" criminals used the windows update mechanism to install there Trojan signet with an official Microsoft MASTER-KEY

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          Nothing like Microsoft trying to hi-jack a computing festival. I can't help but think that they are supporting this because they know they can win in a lawsuit if anyone tried to use Mono in a commercial product.

          It's like an abusive stepfather that's trying to buy your love.



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            Microsoft, GNOME and Mono in the same spot?

            Sounds like a reunion of supervillains. Are the Joker, Lex Luthor and Doctor Octpus invited to the party? :-)


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              Originally posted by peppepz View Post
              Sounds like a reunion of supervillains. Are the Joker, Lex Luthor and Doctor Octpus invited to the party? :-)
              I just don't see how GNOME fits in here? Or is it superman in disguise seeing what they are up to?


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                I can't help thinking: "Embrace, extend, and extinguish".


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                  You can call Microsoft evil all you want (I don't like them either to be honest), that doesn't change two simple facts:

                  1. Visual Studio is the most enhanced IDE as of today. There is nothing better. (GUI design, MSDN, ctrl + space for preview of (all) possible variables/functions/classes/namespaces [I've yet to see at least one IDE aside from VS and NetBeans that is able to do that])

                  2. C# is multi-platform, easy to use and still manages to give you a nice performance boost (compared to other languages like Java (slow, big thing) or C++ (too complex for GUI applications and if you don't know exactly what you are doing you get tons of memory leaks)). Also the documentation is pretty good.


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                    I hope they reach their goal to port Banshee to Gtk# 3.
                    Nice to hear they will improve Banshee, Pint, F-Spot, etc.

                    But honestly, why are Microsoft doing this?
                    Why do they care about C# / .NET on Linux?

                    I think Microsoft should support open protocols, formats, specifications and standards and push for interoperability.
                    But why spend time on improve the software of the competition? It does not make any sense.