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Standalone Flash Player (for browser games)

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  • mangojuice
    Hi I like crutziplayer, I have tried it on my arm based pi board and it starts but I can't get the libflash to work with it properly can you help me with that I can pay you thanks,

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  • moony
    started a topic Standalone Flash Player (for browser games)

    Standalone Flash Player (for browser games)

    Hi, I've just released the first alpha of CrutziPlayer, a standalone player for NPAPI browser plugins (like
    It can be downloaded in source (Python) as a .deb on

    It's very unique, as it uses a new method to scale flash content fullscreen, using XComposite, XFixes and Cairo.
    E.g. playing the game Samorost fullscreen is as easy as

    crutziplayer -f

    Please let know how it works for you. It's only been tested on Ubuntu 12.04 so far.