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Ubuntu 12.04 LTS "Precise Pangolin" Released

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    It is not always that easy to say bye and turn away

    Originally posted by kraftman View Post
    Kubuntu is much better than Win7 or Ubuntu, so if you want to get things done just use Kubuntu. Imagine you have dozens of installed applications and it's a real pain to find the one you need in Win7 or Ubuntu without typing. In such case Ubuntu is in better position, because there are categories in Unity, but when someone has less applications installed it's easier to find one in Win7. KDE is good in every case.

    There is one kind of relationship called "binding",
    There is one way of production called "efficiency",
    There is three feeling called "confident", "familiar" and "relaxing".
    There is a situation that when you tell it you may be in trouble: "fish swims in the water".

    Years of experience and maybe co-grow-up, makes it as hard as to say good bye to your mind-changed walking-away girlfriend.

    I know some of you may just turn around right away and start to find a new one.

    But that is not for others.