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Fedora Wants Your Help To Improve GNOME's Shell

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  • alazar
    They should not forget there are desktop users of gnome 3 too, as they're trying to hide every menu or option out there for touch devices. But I'm a desktop/laptop user, I use a mouse and I want my bookmarks in a side panel in nautilus (for example).

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  • AdamW
    "Unlike other distributions, the Fedora / Red Hat developers actively work towards pushing their changes back upstream, etc. "

    Wow, that's a bit harsh, Michael! I don't think we'd put it like that. Lots of other distros have very solid upstreaming policies too. I like to emphasize that contributing to Fedora test days helps upstream and other distros too, but I wouldn't put it in over-'competitive' terms like that, the same would be true of events for many other distros too I'm sure.

    I know it's hard, but it'd be great if people could avoid turning this into yet another 'GNOME 3 is great / GNOME 3 sucks' thread. This is a test day. Test days aren't about huge philosophical changes, they're about taking something and looking for specific bugs and fixing those. This is a test day to test out the Shell and particularly extensions currently in Fedora 17. If you really hate Shell, then by all means...don't come along. But it's not helping anyone to turn a discussion of this test day into an overall GNOME debate.

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  • Ex-Cyber
    I actually have no major complaints with Gnome Shell itself. I really was skeptical at first, but adjusted. The "hot corner" concept, in retrospect, seems like it's at least a decade overdue (insert rant here about how some Workbench hack actually did it first in 1988 in 22 bytes of 68K assembly language or whatever, but AFAIK Gnome 3 was the first major desktop to actually make it central). I just wish more GPU drivers sucked less at rendering it. The radeon driver has no egregious artifacts on my setup, but seems to eat CPU like candy if another app actually tries to render a big window at 60 fps. The fglrx driver is, as ever, brutally optimized for Maya and Unreal Engine 3 or whatever else is the hot shit these days.
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  • allquixotic
    My suggestion for improving Gnome Shell: use Cinnamon (or alternatively, merge Cinnamon's UI into the upstream Gnome Shell project).

    Since Gnome 2, my impression of the changes:

    GLib changes: Right on, great job, keep it up.
    GTK3 changes: Right on, great job, keep it up.
    GIO/GVFS/GSettings/GStreamer changes: Right on, great job, keep it up.
    Clutter / Mutter / WM changes: Right on, great job, keep it up.
    Using JavaScript as extension language: Right on, great job, keep it up.
    Default UI arrangement and usage patterns for Gnome Shell: FAIL. Unusable.
    Cinnamon: Right on, great job, keep it up.

    Something in that list isn't like the others...............

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  • phoronix
    started a topic Fedora Wants Your Help To Improve GNOME's Shell

    Fedora Wants Your Help To Improve GNOME's Shell

    Phoronix: Fedora Wants Your Help To Improve GNOME's Shell

    The Fedora Project is seeking your help to improve the GNOME Shell and its extensions...

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