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  • AMD INTEL Hybrid gfx

    Hi All,

    I have no idea where else to ask this so...

    does anyone know the current state of linux (any distro) and its support for sandy-bridge style graphics, where you have the built in intel, and the discrete amd or nvidia?

    Ive read a hell of a lot of posts on how to disable one or enable the other, but none on the feature that i would consider usable for the person who wants linux on the home desktop and just working. The feature that im most after is similar to the one windows employs, where the system switches to the discrete gfx card when under heavy load. Is this feature coming or has anyone heard anything about it?


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    nVidia Optimus is not yet supported under Linux. I think Nvidia announced somewhere that they work on it.

    AMD/ATI supports under certain circumstances with their proprietary driver GPU switching, on ATI/AMD cards with PowerXPress feature. I think this feature exists only in mobile computers, but maybe I'm wrong.

    Ubuntu forum: AMD/Intel Hybrid Graphics works !
    hybrid-graphics-linux team mailing list archive

    I think on a desktop computer you have to reboot to change between graphic IGP and dedicated graphic card. Before you reboot, you would have to change the configuration then.


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      Thanks for the reply and info.

      I cant believe i missed the first link when trawling the internet. Thankyou so much.

      Im also now hoping that more linux distros adopt the intel drivers with compiled sna support. Hopefully at some point it will switch automatically instead of needing it to be activated / switched manually.

      Now i can switch back to linux