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Netflix almost works on wine!

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  • Netflix almost works on wine!

    I used wine 1.4-rc4 from the wine PPA on the website.

    First, create a new wineprefix.

    Next, I installed .NET 2,3,4 using winetricks (winetricks dotnet20 dotnet30 dotnet40). For .NET 4, you'll have to get the latest winetricks. (See the Wine Appdb page for .NET 4).

    I also installed vcrun2005 since Firefox crashed many times complaining about msvcp80.dll

    Then I installed silverlight 5 (developer version - I think I used the 32 bit version, not sure).

    Tried a few silverlight apps from the Silverlight showcase site. Only one of them actually showed anything, it started loading and even got to 100% once but then got stuck there and wine did show some errors but I couldn't make out what the problem was.

    As for netflix, logged in, site loaded tried to resume a movie that I had been watching before. The page loads, I get the spinning blue thing but it gets stuck after a few seconds (just like the other silverlight apps). Not yet there, but Wine is moving closer.

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    Oh and I forgot. The plugin keeps getting stuck, CPU usage shoots up to 100%. After logging in, I had to kill plugin-container so that the main page would respond. When trying to play something, the same problem occurs.


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      I am sorry to say this but that's NOT 'almost works'. That is "After many a dirty tricks, it still doesn't work."


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        Originally posted by sandy8925 View Post
        Netflix almost works on wine!
        We can almost watch movies?