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Going Over The Good & Bad For UEFI On Linux

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  • Going Over The Good & Bad For UEFI On Linux

    Phoronix: Going Over The Good & Bad For UEFI On Linux

    Another one of the interesting talks that was recorded from Linux.Conf.Au in Barratt, Australia last week was the presentation by Matthew Garrett. He went over the good and bad of UEFI support under Linux...

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    "Barratt" should be Ballarat.


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      I guess, the ugly will show up soon, also


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        UEFI is bigger than the kernel?! Wow...

        I guess we really need a vendor shipping coreboot.


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          Great lecture, really. Was fun to listen to.
          I think that the whole UEFI does represent DRM, or at least a method to complicate and allow manufacturers to limit user freedom.
          Thing that I dont quite understand is why Intel didnt use existing Coreboot instead of IA64? Maybe Eugene can answer that..


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            i think this all is only to kill the "DAZ Windows7 Loader" means Microsoft kill warezing windows.

            security in the way Microsoft it means is NOT "Security" they mean it in this way: they "microsoft" are secure against the "user"

            Linux prove it Linux is secure without fighting against the "user" this means security doesn?t need UEFI-Secure-Boot.
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