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Ultracopier 0.3 is out

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  • Ultracopier 0.3 is out


    I'm happy to present to you the christmas version for Ultracopier 0.3, it is in alpha stade, it can be used without big problem, the performances are here. It use the latest version of catchcopy (to intercept windows copy), the plugin support is not terminated, the plugin's web site (and the update) it's to do. The translation is done only in french (you can ask me a translation pack). It's based on Qt 4.8.
    You have the base interface like supercopier, too the interface like teracopy, this version should have near functionality of 0.2, but with more performance and data security. The support and development of the version 0.2 is definitively stopped.
    You can consult my comparative about Ultracopier, supercopier, teracopy, copy handler (Qt 4.7 linked)

    I wish return on this application to improve it, thanks to you. Help is welcome too.
    Developer of Ultracopier/Supercopier and of the game CatchChallenger

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    No idea what it should do, but it does not run on Kanotix (squeeze).

    ./ultracopier: undefined symbol: _ZN9QListData11detach_growEPii


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      What on earth is this software? Even going to its website doesn't tell you anything about it. All I can tell is that it... copies something?

      That's *definitely* not a good way to promote a piece of software. I mean not telling people what it even does. I have zero reason to download this since I've no clue what it does.
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        I don't found how edit a post.

        It's software to remplace default copy dialog, but provide more features like speed limitation, play/pause, error/collision management, copy list management. It provide better speed and data security than traditional system, and more options to manage what is done during the copy.
        Developer of Ultracopier/Supercopier and of the game CatchChallenger


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          So it's a program for copying files on my PC? You might want to mention at least that as the first thing on the website, because someone going there has no clue what the thing is. Something like "Ultracopier is..."