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WINE 0.9.41 Released

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  • WINE 0.9.41 Released

    Phoronix News: WINE 0.9.41 Released

    Version 0.9.41 of WINE has been released. New in WINE 0.9.41 is a number of new gdiplus functions, more complete pdh.dll implementation, support for MSI remote calls, messaging support in crypt32.dll, and lots of bug fixes. Find out more at WINE HQ.

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    Kov?cs Andr?s (1):
    d3d10: Add stub for d3d10.dll
    [email protected]waara:~$ locate d3d10.dll
    It has begun, d3d10 hardware anyone? Yeah I know it's just first buggy library, but there aren't many d3d10 games to test it with anyway.


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      Can I please add another question?

      Is it possible that the fglrx driver causes some games to fail with Wine? I had no problems with HL2 based games with my old nVidia GF FX 5600, but I can't get any of these to work with my ATI X1900 XT.


      I think there is still a lot to do with DX9 (if it isn't just a fglrx problem) and don't set your hopes too high to play any DX10 game with Wine this year. But it will be nice to say "WinXP can't play it but Linux can"


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        There have been some longstanding issues with the fglrx driver and WINE/Cedega/CrossOver office, but those should be mostly resolved these days. What games are you having problems with?
        Michael Larabel


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          I tried Counter-Strike Source, which I don't play at the moment (I am a big Kreedz Climbing Mod fan, a Source-engine mod), which should be the same to other Source based games.

          I always have the problem that I have a black screen when the game is started (I hear the sounds when my mouse is above the menu entries, but I don't see my mouse). This is fixed when I chose DirectX 7, but the game then crashes soon after it loaded a map. I tried changing to OSS sound with emulation but with no luck. That is since ever I got my ATI card.

          I once tried BF2142 but it crashed after loading a map, too. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.... well, if I remember correctly it crashed on startup, too.


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            With some Alsa-Wine-Tweaking I can get Source-Engine-based games to work with the DirectX 7 render. I found out that fglrx can't do any better than the DX 8.0 render (which does not work for me). I guess that my other wine game problems are fglrx related, too, because in 2005 when I had a GF FX 5600 everything was working really good. I think that the new OpenGL will help me. The DX70 render works very good, but every third time it crashes my whole system (Ubuntu 7.04 at the moment).

            fglrx 8.39.4 is running very nice for me other than that. All my videos are working properly and fast and my blue coloured video problem is gone in this version of fglrx. Console change and X don't crash anymore. What I need now is the new OpenGL driver. And AIGLX would be also nice, I pray that it comes with 8.42 for Ubuntu 7.10 release that includes Compiz Fusion.