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Adobe Flash 11.2 Beta Brings New Linux Work

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  • Adobe Flash 11.2 Beta Brings New Linux Work

    Phoronix: Adobe Flash 11.2 Beta Brings New Linux Work

    Adobe Flash Player 11 was officially released at the beginning of the month after being in public beta for a while. This afternoon Adobe has now put out a beta for Flash Player 11.2. The main Linux feature is multi-threaded video decoding support...

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    Cool, this should help.


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      No, it doesn't. Just tried it. YouTube videos stutter like fsck and are tearing badly. And this is on an i5 2500K (4 CPU cores) running at 3.7GHz.

      In other words: Same Shit, Different Version String. Totally useless.


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        Just Static

        I extracted to my plugins directory fired up a youtube video and watched all the pretty dots.
        Went back to version 11.
        Maybe you need to extract the usr files but I don't feel comfortable letting third party software modify that folder. Plus version 11 works without that extra junk.


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          Does it support hardware video acceleration now?


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            Originally posted by Laughing1 View Post
            Does it support hardware video acceleration now?
            RTFA. (Character limits).


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              Wow, I really think the performance of Adobe Flash has gotten better on all platforms. While I know HTML5 had to do with most of the improvements to Flash, I really do think Android has helped to get Adobe Flash in to shape (since it's mainly a platform for mobile devices)!


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                Flash player on linux was buggy as hell, is buggy as hell and would continue to be buggy as hell as long as Adobe would continue doing like they were doing for last few years. Here is good discussion on topic about nVIDIA vs. Adobe Flash crappy ness on linux, welcome to join us:
                Also, here is yet another bug report to Adobe about bugs on linux, support it by voting:

                What bothers me most with Adobe Flash Player for linux is that there are several bugs in it that were here for ages (several years) despite being long ago reported to Adobe bug tracker. Most notable are: black color is used as the overlay key when utilizing accelerated rendering under linux (results in flash contents showing through any other app having some parts of gui colored black); overlay remains enabled even after termination of all Flash Player processes - one would have to reboot the system in order to restore black color displaying back to the normal state; playing video inside Flash Player with VDPAU acceleration enabled tends to totally hang the system when used extensively; full screen video playback is totally broken on multi-monitor systems having Xinerama and/or TwinView enabled.


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                  Flash can't even display fullscreen video on my E-350, regardless of the resolution. VLC and Totem, of course, have no such issue and Flash/Windows can display even 1080p smoothly.

                  If that's not enough, Flash 11 64/bit tends to crash and burn whenever I close a flash-riddled tab. This happens regardless of the browser - Chrome, Opera and Firefox are equally affected.

                  What we need is HTML5 video with hardware acceleration. Then Flash can finally rest in pieces as it deserves.


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                    Multi-thread on Broadcom Crystal HD Decoder with Flash 11.2????

                    Are you the decoding will be multi-threaded in Broadcom Crystal HD Decoder with Flash 11.2?

                    As far as I know, Broadcom Crystal HD is a single-process/single-thread hardware.