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    Grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

    Originally posted by cynic View Post
    Ok, I'm one of those Gnome3 haters.

    Why? Just because Gnome2 was just perfect for the way I work, and Gnome3 completely fail to provide a productive environment.
    These are just the firsts feature that come in my mind that I miss (or I hate in Gnome3)

    1. composite is SLOW on my machine. All those animation are a HUGE waste of time
    Actually this can be an issue on all platforms, be it a Mac, Windows or Linux machine. For better or worst software has grown to make use of the latest hardware to give the user a "richer" environment. The problem is this seriously loads older hardware thus many OS'es support turning off some of these features.
    2. I use to keep several termina on each of my workspace, and I need to switch between them very fast.
    - a taskbar is absolutely required
    - minimizing button is absolutely required
    3. I use to switch between my desktop just going on the panel applet and rolling the mouse weel: that was just easy and fast. Now I have to
    - a) use both my hands (not comfortable)
    - b) making 1/2 mile with mouse and wait while gnome3 render its unuseful animations
    4. I liked having an always visible notification area because I have made some application which display informations I NEED to constatly keep an eye on
    A really good solution for that is a second monitor.
    and I could go on for half an hour.

    Well, these are reasonable (I think) reasons to hate gnome3.
    No actually they aren't. Gnome might not be a good fit for you but that is no reason to hate it, because for somebody else it might just be the nuts. Beyond that I suspect that you need to be more flexible in how you use your system.
    I'm a 10+ years linux user, and honesty it has always been fun to use linux.

    Now it really sucks, and for the first time since 1998 I'm seriously thinking about trying something else.
    Now you are equating gnome with Linux. That isn't right as there are plenty of other desktop environments to choose from. Linux is not gnome!!!

    That being said I did switch to a Mac for my laptop needs. This has been a very positive development for me. I get a laptop that works without issue with a very good UNIX variant, without the Linux laptop struggles. Outside of the OS there is a good mix of commercial and open source software available for the platform. In some ways the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, but honestly no platform is perfect. Look hard enough and you will find issues with the Macs GUI too. In the end you need to be able to turn the platform into something usable for you, if gnome makes that difficult then you are on the wrong platform.


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      Originally posted by daniels View Post
      I think the funniest part of all this is despite the constant assertions that GNOME 3 is 'designed for dumbasses', that only an unblinking idiot can like it, and that the true intelligensia all love GNOME 2, there has not yet been a single serious fork of GNOME 2 to continue its development.
      I also am surprised at the lack of fork. However, it's not (yet) affected me, since Ubuntu 10.10+PPAs still works perfectly.

      Maybe in a year or two I'll get worried.


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        It is a good thing I'm sitting on the can right now. Will flush in a few minutes.

        Originally posted by kraftman View Post
        Thanks, but I prefer "broken" Gnome than mac or shitty bsd unix (hey, but there are other DEs as well!).
        Mentalities like this must be hard for the gnome developers to deal with.
        Saying "the best of both worlds" is nothing, but your wishful thinking.
        OK, I guess compelling open source out of the box and getting it to work on the Mac is wishful thinking.
        There's many more in Linux than Gnome and mac is a toy for me. I don't even care about macs, so there's no reason to talk about them in this thread.
        Within seconds of typing you made sure nobody cares about what you have to say. The Mac is relevant to this thread because it provides a viable comparison platform. Beyond that, after reading this thread, I have to say the Mac attracts a more intelligent crowd that does not dwell on the imperfections in their OS.
        There's KDE which shoots mac in the head. LLVM/CLang is still years behind GCC in few things and it's also uninteresting right now.
        Well at least every person on this forum with a little development experience knows that you don't have a clue.


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          Originally posted by cynic View Post
          That's exactly the problem with Gnome3: PEOPLES TELLING ME WHAT'S WRONG AND WHAT' RIGHT FOR ME!

          If the taskbar is distracting for you, it doesn't mean it must be distracting for everyone in the world. Indeed, it is a fundamental part of my workflow having a taskbar and you have no right to tell me how my workflow should be and you are not in the position to say that the need for a taskbar is arguable.
          That logic is very circular. I could just say "Just because its not distracting to you, doesn't mean its not distracting to everyone"... or "IM SICK OF DE'S TELLING ME I NEED A TASKBAR!"

          If you need a taskbar that bad don't use gnome-shell, but it doesn't necessarily mean the design is terrible.

          Gnome-shell does its own thing, some like it, some don't. Simple as that.

          (And IMO technically it does have a taskbar, its simply not visable unless you are in the overlay view. basically the same thing as an auto-hiding taskbar). There are gnome-shell extensions to make the shell dock permanent, one to put a classic taskbar on the top, and you can use any taskbar/dock program you please...
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            Originally posted by crazycheese View Post
            I appreciate the time you put into collecting all those links, but I keep reserving my right to disagree


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              I'm disappointed that these are the comments that Michael chose to show. The vast majority of these are simply unhelpful rants. From the sounds of it some are from people who don't even use Gnome (V!ncent, which one was yours?).
              It is noise like this that forces the gnome developers to give back little to no feedback. What do you expect when say things like this? They are people, and while most are doing this for a living that doesn't mean they aren't giving an honest effort.
              As I've said before my main disappointment with GS has been its unwillingness to actually follow through with the more radical ideas. I'm sure they would've been hard to implement but to support such a radical change in DE you must put forward a radical improvement in ability.
              Thus far it isn't horrible but it could be so much better if the designers were just a bit more willing to be inclusive.


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                Originally posted by Welsh Dwarf View Post
                Haters gotta hate....
                That's a cute (nicest adjective I can think of), but meaningless response to constructive criticism. I think it has more to do with users' expectations of "<positive integer>.0" software, especially for a major project like a DE.


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                  Originally posted by bwat47 View Post
                  And gnome 3 is designed to stay out of your way and let you focus on the task at hand
                  I've used GNOME 2 since way back in the 2.2 days, and I guarantee you: it's not in my way. Never has been, never will be.

                  So... can someone show me a screenprint of GNOME 2 actually being in their way which isn't solved by panel autohide?


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                    Originally posted by RonJohn View Post
                    I've used GNOME 2 since way back in the 2.2 days, and I guarantee you: it's not in my way. Never has been, never will be.

                    So... can someone show me a screenprint of GNOME 2 actually being in their way which isn't solved by panel autohide?
                    I never said gnome 2 gets in the way, I said a major design goal of gnome 3 is to not get in the way. its always been a design goal of gnome. Gnome 3 is just an evolution of the concept, and I think it works well. I absolutely love stuff like the messaging integration.


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                      So, I am going to be constructive here and tell you all that there ARE Gnome 3 extensions that will make you want to forget about Gnome 2 and LOVE Gnome 3. It is a shame they aren't by default, or at least included in Gnome 3.

                      Step 1. Install the extensions from here.

                      Step 2. Download Gnome-tweak apt://gnome-tweak-tool

                      Step 3. Enable all the extensions in Gnome-tweak

                      Step 4. Fix the maximum, minimize, and close buttons. Set to all for maximum Gnome 2 ness.

                      Step 5. Enjoy staring at your actually usable desktop for a while.

                      Step 6. GET SHIT DONE!

                      Step 7. Profit?