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    If you have suggestions for the next survey (2012)

    Go to this gist, or send an email to me.


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      It has been checked by many people

      Originally posted by PsynoKhi0 View Post
      Whoever put this together might want to ask someone to proof-read the darn thing next time.
      Many people checked this, and comments have been opened for months. If you have comments, you can share them on Some of the mistakes were introduced by Michael Larabel, and I already let him know.

      Regarding the question about how are you taking this survey, it was intended to encourage people to print this survey to multiple people, and then go online and fill the results, or actively push somebody who is not interested in the survey. This way, the self-selection bias and non-response bias can be decreased. I'll make a blog post about that soon.


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        The full version of survey I posted....

        I posted it of course, but this version is to express what I can't do in tickboxes....

        01. Do you know what GNOME is?

        Are you **ing kidding?

        02. Which of the following best resemble your desktop?

        Don't know... but I do know what gnome devs look like... they are ***holes.

        03. Overall, how satisfied are you with GNOME?

        Worse that 'Not At All'

        04. Does GNOME do what you want?

        You are kidding? GNOME3 doesn't do anything I want.

        05. How satisfied are you with GNOME in regards to ease of use?


        06. How satisfied are you with GNOME in regards to documentation?

        Not Applicable To Me

        07. How satisfied are you with GNOME in regards to language availability?

        Not Applicable To Me

        08. How satisfied are you with GNOME in regards to accessibility?

        Not Applicable To Me

        09. How satisfied are you with GNOME in regards to its community?


        10. How are you taking this survey?

        No words.... Just describes how stupid gnome developers are

        11. How old are you? (Years)


        12. How long have you been using GNOME? (Years)

        4 years. (And won't anymore)

        13. How many years of experience do you have using computers?

        14 years.

        14. How do you compare your current GNOME version with the version from one year ago?

        A trainwreck.

        15. Which GNOME version(s) are you using?

        _still_ use gnome 2 on some of my computers. pending update to whatever I find useful enough.
        Or windows If I don't.

        16. Where do you run GNOME?

        * Desktop - still didn't update, probably to KDE
        * Laptop - now runs KDE
        * Netbook - KDE not an option, XFCE nether. Probably will have to install windows.

        17. How often do you use a terminal/console?

        When I like I use it. When I don't I don't

        18. Have you contributed to the GNOME project?

        Technically yes, I fixed one bug in nautilus terminal extension.

        19. Have you ever contacted the GNOME team?

        Sure I did. Its useless in regards of asking them to bring back features.

        20. Which other desktop environments have you used in recent years?

        * KDE - used KDE3, now use KDE4. Buggy but free
        * Unity - used it for few hours
        * Xfce - too basic, can't really enjoy it.

        21. Are you using some window arrangement extension on top of GNOME? (e.g. Compiz + plugins, Awesome TWM + GNOME, etc)

        Compiz, although I don't have time fixing growing pile of bugs in it.
        Its 11.10 version is filled with them, and totally unusable in KDE.

        22. If you could change three things in GNOME, what would they be?

        1. Fire all gnome developers that push feature removal agenda.
        (By firing I mean making sure that couldn't affect gnome at all anymore. Only fix bugs if they want)

        2. See 1 (really, gnome itself is quite good technically, and bug wise. Its their management that ruins everything.

        23. Do you have any comments or suggestions for the GNOME team?

        Yes. Could you stop being ***holes?