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Adobe Releases Flash Player 11.0 Beta 1

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    From what I've read on Flash Player 11's GPU acceleration on Linux and why it doesn't function within the betas, Adobe will be disabling VDPAU for the final release. Adobe faults bad Linux drivers, and appears to be abandoning GPU acceleration until driver issues are resolved.

    Hi marduk667,

    This is not a bug. We disabled GPU acceleration with StageVideo and Stage3D on Linux because of drivers issues on the Linux platform.

    Until the situation improves on Linux (drivers consistency and bugs), there is not much we can do.

    We will keep trying to bring the best experience on Linux, but we had to take this decision for now.


    Hi Dennis,

    Agreed, this should be stated in the release notes and will be fixed.

    I know it sounds frustrating, but the situation is really bad with Linux drivers today, not only on 3D but also for video.

    You see those VDPAU strings cause you can still force the use of GPU on Linux if you want, but this will be disabled in the final release.

    Recently, Mozilla shared the same concerns regarding HW acceleration on Linux. Even on MacOS and Windows we have to blacklist old drivers otherwise we just cannot guarantee a safe and smooth experience. Remember we need to run nicely on all browsers on many OS's, not only one platform with a specific browser.