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New GIMP Release Has Working Single-Window Mode

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    Originally posted by prokoudine View Post
    All new things require polish. It was ever so .
    Well if it's shine you're after, I'd like to request a tub of Turtle Wax gets taken to the way GIMP handles the stroking of text. I consistently get muddy results.


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      If you don't need as much power and use windows is a pretty nice project. They even have a plugin for loading photoshop plugins (I haven't tried it out, so I don't know how well it works)

      Sorry about getting people upset about the name issue.

      I think I'll wait a few more of these alpha releases before I try it out again. Sounds like they are still patching the bugs, and I think I'll like using the single gui interface.

      However the UI really needs a ton of work
      Lol. Yeah, I remember the last time I tried it they had menus everywhere, with no context sensitivity. (Make a selection, right click, get the entire menu list, wonder at why they would do such a thing). But that was a few years ago, so I bet they have the gui issues fixed. (They have, right?)


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        Originally posted by movieman View Post
        I can't think of any other program I run which splatters multiple windows all over the screen and forces them to the front so that I end up with about a quarter of the screen available to actually see the image I'm working with.
        That business of forcing the main toolbox to be "always on top" is brand new in the last GIMP release, and it's a mistake. The screenshot here shows what the GIMP should look like, minus of course the image edit window:

        Everything else should be closed and will not (thank Ghod) re-open when the program is restarted.


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          Originally posted by prokoudine View Post
          There is a gtk3 branch that got a lot of activity earlier this year. A lot of things already work, and painting without display filters enabled is faster by order of magnitude in comparison to gtk2 version (think 500px large brush not having a lag). Most activity has switched to finalizing 2.8, hence not much is happening in gtk3 branch lately.

          The plan now is to have 2.8 released, then 2.10 will follow with Google Summer of Code 2011 projects (two new GEGL based tools, and a new widget for size entry) and some API changes, then 3.0 will have gtk3 based UI and high bit depth IO and processing.

          It's kinda possible to have gtk3 version finalized even earlier, but personally I wouldn't bet on it. The team is still too small.
          Thanks for the details, this is great news.



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            Originally posted by drag View Post
            When they are implemented, but don't work.. That is a problem.

            Metacity before, Gnome-shell now.

            Features don't matter much to me. It's what works. Simpler the better.

            Like I pointed out Photoshop in OS X uses nothing but multiple windows and nobody has a issue with it at all. It works without people realizing it works. Zero effort. But in Windows you can't get away with that sort of thing.

            Linux desktop suffers heavily from too much comparability and to much complexity. It just ends up buggy with no uniformity.
            Slight miscommunication, I meant to say: "implemented equally", meaning they don't support all EWMH hints properly. I understood what you were trying to say

            Ok, same as me. I haven't noticed much in the way of hinting problems for a long time now.

            I;m assuming you meant "compatibility" above? I've never used PS in OSX. Apparently, according to another poster here, no other application uses multiple windows. How can we reconcile this How does OSX manage them, BTW? I'd assume the same as Metacity...



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              Originally posted by Larian View Post
              Well if it's shine you're after, I'd like to request a tub of Turtle Wax gets taken to the way GIMP handles the stroking of text. I consistently get muddy results.
              Hmmm, stroking? There's no stroke for text object as in fill/stroke paradigm. Do you think you could illustrate the issue?


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                i would had love for gimp devs to just release 2.8 back in march with just the single window mode working.

                then for 3.0 they could had focus on under the hood stuff like the EGL thing and maybe also porting to gtk3 and release those when ready.

                2 years wait for single window mode is just frustrating !!


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                  When it comes to GIMP I'm always amazed that these guys continue to use their spare time to work on implementing anything beyond what scratches their own itch since the amount of crap they've had to endure over the years for the crime of 'releasing a program for free' is just insane.

                  I mean if you hate the program so much as some people seem to do then just DON'T USE IT. Or better yet, make your own program which works 'just the way you want it' (tm) or if you can't program PAY someone else to do it OR pony up (or pirate as most obviously does) for Photoshop (which seems to be what GIMP is constantly compared with which is in itself ridicoulus given that Photoshop has something like 20+ full-time 'handpicked for their expertize' programmers while Gimp has what 2.5 spare-time programmers now?).

                  To the constant bitch and moaners, get out of your parents basements and realise that NOONE OWES YOU ANYTHING and be goddamn grateful that some people actually spend their time working on stuff and then let you use it for free, and even listens to your requests and adds them if they find them agreeable. If there's one really bad thing with the internet it's the realization of just how many wankers there are out there...


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                    Handling multiple documents in image editors is an interesting one. It seems for now, the options are:

                    1. Multiple windows with floating / anchored toolbox, a la Photoshop Mac & classic GIMP; whatevs.
                    2. Custom Multi Document Interface that ignores the window manager by having windows in a window a la Photoshop Windows, Paint Shop Pro, etc.; I used to think this was cool when I was 15 and learning Java for the for time.
                    3. Single Document Interface that clones the toolbox to EVERY DAMNED WINDOW, a la Inkscape, and what it seems a small pile of loud mouths want for GIMP. 'Scuse me if I vomit a little, 'this is a horrible thing to do.

                    None of these are really optimal, but the first is definitely the best from my point of view. That said, I eschew most "Integrated Development Environments" because I can have my editor, a terminal window, a file manager all open at the same time, I can see them all at once, I can change my compile command on the fly with little effort, and it's a Linux system, how much more integration do you need, B***H?!

                    (Personally my current dream is to have a dedicated touchscreen device that I can use to flick through all my toolboxes, open applications, etc. Maybe it has high enough resolution to be a fingerprint security device, too?)


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                      Originally posted by prokoudine View Post
                      Hmmm, stroking? There's no stroke for text object as in fill/stroke paradigm. Do you think you could illustrate the issue?

                      I've sent you a private message with details so as not to further jack the thread. I really want to get this issue ironed out for everybody.