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    Phoronix News: Google Desktop For Linux

    We told you a few weeks ago that Google would be introducing new Linux applications in the very near future after seeing some interesting slides back at the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit. What is this new program to be released? Google has written a Linux-native version of Google Desktop. This GTK closed-source program allows you to search files on your desktop, open files, and find other information...

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    Supporting linux with closed source apps? Count me out!


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      Originally posted by Raven3x7 View Post
      Supporting linux with closed source apps? Count me out!
      Is it me or when some company releases an app for Linux which is closed-source, people complain and don't use it, and if the company doesn't support Linux at all, they complain too?

      While we aren't exactly in need for another desktop search, I hope this leads to a G-Talk port.

      (first post yay!)


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        I don't care much if the software is closed or open source, however I find it funny that most people worry about Microsoft steeling personal info from users and most don't even care about their privacy when using software from a company like Google, which is the largest sellers of personalized publicity on the internet.

        I think that people should start worrying about a company, such as Google, which have more and more access to personal info of the worldwide internet user's base.