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Xamarin Puts Out Its First Mono Release

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  • Xamarin Puts Out Its First Mono Release

    Phoronix: Xamarin Puts Out Its First Mono Release

    In early May there was the announcement that Attachmate was letting go of all Mono developers (Phoronix was, again, the first to break the story) following their acquisition of Novell/SUSE. Following that, Miguel de Icaza started a new company to foster future growth of the Mono platform. Last month there was then the hand-off of Mono to Xamarin (Miguel's new company) and this afternoon there is now the first official release of Xamarin Mono...

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    Btw., Ubuntu 11.10 has finally upgraded from Mono 2.6 to 2.10(.1).


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      I almost feel sorry for Miguel as he is desperately hanging on the .NET/Mono branch. There might be one or two bucks left in profit but with win8 promoting html5/js on the application level and still mostly uses c++ on core level the platform starts falling apart.