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Many Ubuntu Users Still Hate The Unity Desktop

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  • Many Ubuntu Users Still Hate The Unity Desktop

    Phoronix: Many Ubuntu Users Still Hate The Unity Desktop

    Two weeks ago on Phoronix it was asked what do you dislike or hate about Ubuntu? This was following a discussion on the Ubuntu development list about Ubuntu developer applicants being asked about what they like the least about Ubuntu. The overwhelming response among Phoronix readers was clear: they still really hate the Unity desktop...

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    Sounds like it's not for everybody.


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      Unity has at least unified opposition. I don't think that was the intent but credit where credit is due.


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        I like it. I've been a Linux user since.. uhh.. I think 2.0.32 Slackware?

        - I like the extra screen real estate.

        - I like the buttons and applications on the left hand side, hidden until needed.

        - From a 4500MHD dual core pentium to an Nvidia quad core machine, the GUI is nice and snappy. Hell, its been pretty stable as well, up for 30+ days on my HTPC.

        - I like being able to easily search for applications. I can type in a couple letters, hit enter and open the application I needed. Less time than clicking through menus. I still have the option of navigating menus, looking for applications of a certain type.

        - Wireless works nicely. Network manager handles things well.

        - Audio through HDMI works as expected.

        I'm also a big Mac user. I found that Unity was a nice blend of OSX GUI ideas and Linux. I do remember my first OSX experience being infuriating and taking a couple weeks to conquer. That said, I can see why people are frustrated, and I can see that its probably just based on the strangeness and reluctance to embrace some change.


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          And another Unity hater...

          Add me to the list of Unity haters. If I wanted to use something that worked like a Mac, I'd just use a Mac.


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            There are a lot of Ubuntu bugs which are really upstream problems. Intel 8xx integrated graphics devices are almost unusable (FDO). Some wireless devices are broken and can cause system lockups (kernel). SCSI scanner permissions are often wrong and prevent saned and Apache from accessing them (UDEV). I've encountered several GNOME/GTK bugs.

            The desired bug reporting process is to report issues to Ubuntu first to see if it is a Ubuntu-specific problem. If not, then forward them to Debian to see if it is in their packages. If it is not a Debian-specific problem it should go upstream from there.

            The problem is that bugs reported to Ubuntu take forever to be reviewed by anyone, especially bugs related to specific hardware. Often the only response is from triage volunteers that tell you to try the latest Ubuntu version. If you don't respond then it gets marked invalid. I've given up an bugs that had that happen for four or more releases. It basically is up to the end user to install Debian and other distros to determine if the bug is an upstream problem or not. This is really time consuming.


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              Originally posted by jlward4th View Post
              Add me to the list of Unity haters. If I wanted to use something that worked like a Mac, I'd just use a Mac.
              I don't have that kind of money. Amiga had the global menu bar first, and Apple took KHTML, CUPS, and X11 from *us*. What goes around comes around.

              If I had an infinite supply of money, I'd probably be using OS X Lion right now. But you know what? I don't! I'm a college student-- and Ubuntu is a darn good alternative, for me, right now. I have two gripes with Unity : It doesn't work on my hardware, and application categories are essential for me. I want the category icons sitting in the launcher on the side, which then expand to show their contents when clicked..

              Anyways, phoronix has become intensely pessimistic, more like some guy's soapbox than a news site. From what I see on /. and the like, that's not doing much for credibility. Try to find something you can be not-a-downer about.


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                Consolidation of all the bad points which includes pet peeves

                I read the post and have to come to the conclusion that it represents the users - online people

                There are only a few things in this list over which ubuntu developers should care about. Rest should be simply discarded as personal opinions

                I can understand this part. Let the developers fix it.

                Aping the mac's UI brain damages its plain damn wrong uninnovative and stupid
                Typical Apple hater. I am not a supporter, but this is bullcrap. OSX's is more usable in usability wise. Like GNOME2 was a revolution?

                Inclusion of Mono
                Cry me a river.

                I don't like python. Remove it! I am going to mention it as negative point of ubuntu.

                Pulseaudio problems exist even now?

                Frequent regressions.
                Paid developers can't do everything. Community has volunteers who have their own life to take off too

                it does a LOT of marketing, but does very LITTLE to progress
                Knee jerk reactions. All my hardware has worked out till now. Except for one USB connection to router which does not have any open source driver AFAIK

                it has marketing cult and tries to steal the focus from linux kernel, gnu, xorg on itself, claiming itself center of collaboration
                So they want the non-technical end user to come and learn what is kernel, gnu, xorg internals and appreciate it? Non-techies can't even make out that DE is a component of OS. What should Ubuntu do? In the About page write "We bring you the best OS which contains The Linux Kernel, GNU, XORG blah blah". By this time most of the people would have stopped reading the About page

                it has completely useless, unflexible in terms of modification, package system
                How? Completely useless? Inflexible? Looks like a knee jerk reaction

                it does not have any "linux" in its name
                Ubuntu is a brand. Linux is a trademark of Linux Torvalds for the kernel. I never seen Mercedes, Wal-Mart writing what they are with their name. I never heard "Mercedes Car", "Wal-Mart superstore chain". How much difference does it make.
                People who care about Ubuntu being a linux distribution already know. Those who don't care arn't going to care even if you force it down their throat

                the developers-users collaboration model is absent, instead users are animals to bugtrack for free. Good Lord, thanks for linux mint.
                Care to elaborate? I am one who triages bugs when I get time. I do some packaging too and get them sponsored. I build packages in PPA and give it to people for testing. I am not on Canonical payroll nor even a MOTU. LOL! Linux Mint was founded using Ubuntu as the base before coming up with Debian edition. Haters gonna hate

                it spoils the culture of foss and linux in particular with african theming
                What is wrong with African theming? Can I scream RACIST?

                I dislike that they removing good programs form base install and replace them with unstable/useless stuff
                Your mileage may vary

                I dislike Ubuntu because it uses Gnome instead of KDE
                Move on to KDE.

                I think it is due to these kind of knee-jerk reactions, developers have stopped caring much. They look at the complaint list. Pick up those which make sense and would help the wider audience than satisfying someone's personal choices.

                The only thing in this list I can completely agree to is Unity. It needs more time to improve. I am waiting till 12.04 release


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                  Xubuntu to the rescue if you want a saner default desktop experience. At least, a lot of the people (re)discovering XFCE have found just how far its come from its CDE lookalike days.

                  I still will recommend Xubuntu to linux newbies and people that just want their hardware to work. Ubuntu still has a large community which helps with polishing and bug fixes.

                  I'll wait on Ubuntu to figure out what they are going to do with Unity (2D). It has potential, but it just isn't polished yet.

                  Also, Mint is (more) attractive, except I don't like how they are moving away from Ubuntu base and going towards Debian rolling release. That's fine for the techie, but not somebody who depends on stable snapshots.

                  You also miss out on the Ubuntu ecosystem of many prepared builds and third-party packages.


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                    Originally posted by jlward4th View Post
                    Add me to the list of Unity haters. If I wanted to use something that worked like a Mac, I'd just use a Mac.
                    So why don't you just use a Windows machine, since presumably you prefer that style of interface?