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PiTiVi Gets Ready With A New Release

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  • PiTiVi Gets Ready With A New Release

    Phoronix: PiTiVi Gets Ready With A New Release

    After being in development for a number of months, the GNOME-sponsored PiTiVi project has put out a new pre-release. In this updated version of the PiTiVi video editing application are a number of notable additions, such as support for video effects, as this open-source editor tries to catch-up to the proprietary competition...

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    If they didn't sleep in 2010, Ubuntu maybe would not have ditched them.

    Before the question arises: Kdenlive.


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      I've been a happy OpenShot user for quite a while so the competition isn't entirely proprietary.

      There is one thing that bugs me about OpenShot and in the screenshots for pitivi which is that you have to pick one resolution for your project. I usually make my projects into both NTSC and PAL DVDs as well as upload to Youtube so it doesn't have a single resolution.


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        I had to do some basic video editing the other day, and of course I tried the default gnome editor that was pitivi. What a pile of crap. I couldn't do anything of what I wanted. I really hope this new version is more useful. OpenShot is unbelievably so much better that it makes sense Ubuntu defaulted to that instead.


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          Originally posted by d2kx View Post
          Before the question arises: Kdenlive.
          Full agree.
          I tried Pitivi a couple of days, and its light-years behind kdenlive. (And I'm far from being a pro...)

          Never the less, I'll give the new version once it hits Fedora. OSS is all about competition...

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