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Wine 1.3.18 Adds Support For XI2 Raw Mouse Events

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  • Wine 1.3.18 Adds Support For XI2 Raw Mouse Events

    Phoronix: Wine 1.3.18 Adds Support For XI2 Raw Mouse Events

    Following last week's release of the stable Wine 1.2.3, it's now time for a new development snapshot of Wine 1.3. The Wine 1.3.18 is a particularly interesting release since it finally takes advantage of raw mouse events with X Input 2...

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    A major step in my transitioning to Linux as my main OS. Well done! Can't wait to test this out!


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      PLease someone test it and report. If they really fixed this, that'll be awesome.
      Til now almost every time I check some game on winehq/appdb it says 'oh yeah of course you have to apply the mouse warp patch'.. X(


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        Read, "XI[nput]2", as 'X12'. That was confusing.


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          I just compiled and built the newest Wine. It doesn't fix Borderlands out of the box, and I couldn't get UT3 to run without some serious graphical corruption. Maybe there's an input setting? Still looking into it.


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            The Wine XIinput2 support is still work in progress. Notice the is no "XInput2 support complete" news message, just a "Raw mouse events support using XInput2." Some apps may work better some may not. I guess it could take some time before this is properly implemented .


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              *sigh* ... -_-


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                2XI Follow up

                I think Paulie's right. As of now, I think setting MouseWarpOverride = force is the only way (without patching Wine) to get some of these games halfway playable. Maybe they'll prove me wrong and issue instructions for 'tards like me or get the 2XI hooks doing what they had ought soon.

                @VINCENT = Ditto.

                (The UT3 thing was all me by the way)