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The Spiel About The Default Ubuntu 11.04 Desktop

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    A user's perspective...

    I've been trying out the latest Unity for a couple of days now. As a big fan of the *ubuntu distros, I gotta say "Don't release it in its current state."

    There have been random things crashing... installing new themes breaks old ones... the infamous lack of complete systray support... tweak one Compiz setting and break all window decorations... can't figure out autostart... etc.

    It's weird: I actually *like* Unity, it's just not ready. I've primarily been a Kubuntu user for the last six or seven years, and have *never* been tempted to switch to Gnome. However, I think I see where they're going with Unity and I like it.

    As one poster previously mentioned, this has a very KDE4.0 type aura about it. It may be great one day soon, like KDE4.6, but for right now it feels like a step backwards, even if accompanied by a turn in the right direction. It's important to put these deadlines out there to get developers and users actually using the product, but I wouldn't blame them at all for pulling Unity at last minute and putting it back in the next alpha.


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      "developing viciously"?

      What do you mean by "developing viciously"? Do you mean to imply that Ubuntu/Canonical have a malevolent motive or goal in developing Unity?


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        he must have meant "developing viscously"