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GTK+ 3.0, GNOME Shell, Mutter Near Final

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    I'm wondering if there will be performance degrading when playing windowed / fullscreen OpenGL games like Doom, Xonotic etc. with Gnome-Shell, because there is no option to disable compositing...

    Maybe this would be a good Phoronix test: a comparison between Gnome 2.32 and gnome 2.91.6


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      Just found a link to an older Phoronix article:

      In a few of the gaming tests there was a larger performance drop when using the Mutter window manager rather than Compiz, but for the most part the impact was about the same when these games were running full-screen. The latest open-source Radeon driver stack in the newest Ubuntu 10.10 development packages is also comparatively performing better with Compiz/Mutter than the Intel driver. We will be looking more closely at the performance of the GNOME 3.0 desktop and its components as the release approaches this September.
      Looking forward to more test results ^^


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        Performance and G-S Today

        Originally posted by brent View Post
        I haven't followed Mutter development in the last months, I hope they finally solved the various performance problems? Can anyone comment on this?
        If you have (at minimum) DRI acceleration, you should have little performance loss with even the current alpha of GNOME 3 vs. GNOME 2.32 (or even KDE 4.6.0). X 1.9+Mesa 7.10 + GNOME 2.91 (all on my Frankenbuild of oS 11.3 x64+ 2.6.38-rc4) is as solid as it gets. NO performance loss. (Also, no binary blobs.)

        And I've despaired about actually getting decent performance out of GNOME at all. - let alone out of GNOME 3 (largely due to the, until recently, sorry state of FOSS AMD GPU support). Mesa 7.10 does feature a much improved software rasterizer (even over 7.9) - however, thanks to the DRI2 support, even my wimpy graphical hardware can get seriously silly with the desktop eyecandy.