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CodeWeavers Introduces CrossOver Impersonator

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  • CodeWeavers Introduces CrossOver Impersonator

    Phoronix: CodeWeavers Introduces CrossOver Impersonator

    The Minnesota developers at CodeWeavers have made the surprise release this morning of CrossOver Impersonator and CrossOver Games Impersonator. The "Impersonator" is their name for the version 10.0 family of CodeWeavers products since they feel that this Wine-based software does a very nice job impersonating Microsoft Windows under Linux and Mac OS X operating systems...

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    I'm a paying customer, but unfortunately I can't make much use of the product because I'm acquiring new games at a rate that they can't keep up with in terms of supporting them, hehe. Works well for fairly basic Win32 apps like mp3cut, but then so does wine....

    Gotta give them credit for being "first" to do a hackjob of emulating Star Trek Online, though. And of course they deserve credit for most of the work on wine in the past N years.


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      yeah and unfortunately it is still a bit of a crapshoot with ATI


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        ATI Support

        Sadly, Wine tends to be pretty sensitive to graphics card issues, and ATI cards are often dicey--they keep messing with their drivers, which makes them more difficult to develop for than nVidia. Just an aside.


        -jon parshall-