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KDE 4.6.0 Has Arrived

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    Originally posted by t.s. View Post
    So, everyone, your-first-adopter comment please?
    not xperience when you tried it on just the 1st day, but on 4days+.
    want to upgrade my vbox arch to kde to give it a try
    After a few days of upgrades, my plasma stopped crashing here. I still get some intermittent crashes, esp. on shutdown, but nothing too serious.

    KDE 4.6 / Mesa 7.10 appear to run slightly faster than KDE 4.5 / Mesa 7.9, which is pretty nice in itself. The rest of the changes are mostly cosmetic, as far as day-to-day use is concerned.

    I can also confirm every single issue reported by RealNC. Some of those, like the "minimize effect heading towards the wrong part of the screen" also existed in 4.5, which is a pretty weaksauce showing. I'd love it if the developers took made some effort to tie up some of those issues. They may be relatively minor, but they do mar the user experience.

    No real complaints otherwise.


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      Just finished Installed it. On the spot, I get this KWin closed unexpectedly. Well, it is to be expected, no?


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        Originally posted by Qaridarium View Post
        hey i use kde4.6 on kubuntu 11.04 and i don't unterstand your problem...

        what is your problem??? i use it everyday...
        The problem is with the development model.

        It's pretty obvious. It has nothing to do with what bugs you or some other person is experiencing because that is anecdotal.

        The problem is the model and the mentality of KDE devs that says that the next version is more important than what is released. Maybe they have a target version sometime in the future they plan to stabilize on, but that means each new point release is a like a beta for the stable version yet to come.

        I'm a big KDE4 fan, but when you constantly hear about all the important new things coming up in 4.x+1, or when you look for support and are told that a fix will be in the next point release, it really makes you doubt whether the thing can every be considered stable.

        I'm hoping now that they've cleaned up search, hal, and hopefully soon pim, they can focus on bug fixing and performance in within the 4.7 series at least