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Wine 1.3.12 Brings Initial DOSBox Integration

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    Originally posted by Henri View Post
    As opposed to complaining on the internet, I suppose. For the record, there are certainly more exciting things to work on than doing cleanups, but those need to happen at some point if you want to keep maintainable code.
    I'm happy to hear that from the other side feelings are the same toward cleanups. I was aware that they're required but I was amazed that they were introduced with the same slow speed as more complex code which in turn steers to providing only cleanups (no change for end user) for long period of time.


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      the Dosbox integration is I think a smart move, its not about including dosbox in wine, just means that doxbox will handle dos executables for wine when its available on the system which means wine hopefully can forget about dos issues/bugs/whatever.

      Dosbox is better at dos application then wine, so why not use it and that is exactly what they are doing, offloading it to an application that can handle it better. smart move !