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Pidgin "GAIM" 2.0 Released

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  • Pidgin "GAIM" 2.0 Released

    Phoronix News: Pidgin "GAIM" 2.0 Released

    With the legal issues regarding GAIM now settled, the Pidgin (GAIM) development team is free to release Pidgin 2.0. Pidgin 2.0 comes after being in development for two years and features a brand new user interface, a new status management system, universal buddy icon management, a smooth scrolling system, and many more improvements. Pidgin 2.0.0 for all major platforms is available from SourceForge...

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    Uninstalled Gaim, installed Pidgin. It kept all of my logs and even automatically connected my accounts, just had to reset my display pictures. Very smooth.

    The Pidgin site is slow/unconnective at times today, probably due to demand. Sourceforge ( ) is a bit more reliable for now.


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      Pidgin is great(er). Had a problem in GAIM where it wouldn't download people's display pictures, only those it wanted to for some reason. The away timer is a bit...crap, but hopefully they'll address that later. It counts from your last message, not inactivity on the computer.


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        I'm building pidgin from source. I have gaim-2.0.0beta6 installed on my home directory and pidgin will go there too. I'm wondering though if there are any incompatibilities I should check.

        I'm going to backup .gaim just to make sure pidgin doesn't screw it all up.


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          It's been working perfectly for me- I even found a plug-in that displays the current track in the status:


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            I have two problems with Pidgin. The first is, that it seems to ignore my configured font-size in the chat-windows and instead displays a pretty unreadable 9pt-fontsize. Also these new icons aren't as good as the ones I had in GAIM. Is there any way to replace them?