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    Originally posted by Hephasteus View Post
    Java becomes a restricted platform. Mac becomes dominant and Microsoft becomes the underdog. That's the plan from the powers that be. May work out that way may not. Apple is the most hft pumped stock in the world and has more money shoved down it's gullet than a pelican in a fish rain storm.
    I seriously hope not. If you've paid any attention to what Apple has been doing, they're plenty more evil than Microsoft. At least Microsoft never forbid you from software developing on their platforms without actually owning one. Apple does.


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      Lol Windows will die much, much, much faster then people around here might think.

      Microsoft is a software company. Let's not forget that. Software moves fast. Very fast. Microsoft hasn't catched on in any way except for the Xbox, which isn't a desktop.

      Windows mobile, Zune, Tablet Edition, Bing, Live, Msn music, docx, Silverlight, One Care, xml, IE. No matter what they do they fail.

      There is no lock in product anymore. Windows is just a giant fat cow, munching forward as it munches forward.

      Meanwhile all their competitors are stealing marketshare away from them on _any_ front.

      Let's face it; nobody uses docx and doc is totaly OO.o compatible for most and even then; Google Docs.

      If you look at Microsoft as just another software company that has handed a lot of marketshare to them then you would say that it is failing. The rate of losing users is exponentialy increasing.

      Seriously; Microsoft has had their golden days. Now it's just another company not producing serious competition and it fails at reinventing itself badly.



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        Originally posted by V!NCENT View Post
        Lol Windows will die much, much, much faster then people around here might think.
        Do you realize that there are billions of dollars invested in binary compatibility of Windows software by numerous companies world-wide? There may be a lot of new stuff which gets much of press attention, but look around and see for yourself how often you can see a Mac (let alone GNU/Linux) in schools, banks, offices, homes?

        I don't see any platform that could possibly overtake Microsoft's market on desktops. If one wants to compete with them on technical merits (not on marketing), one should STOP (RE)EDUCATING USERS and just give them what they want, even if they want things that you personally disapprove on moral or technical grounds. That's what Microsoft does, basically and that's why it's popular (that is,successful).

        Isn't it easy? Give people what they want => become popular.
        Don't guess what they want, just ask.
        And don't argue with the answer.


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          How much I see MacBooks? 1/4th of what I see is Mac, especialy at school. What my school uses? It provides a root certificate for Linux wifi. It uses subversion for software development. It uses Netbeans for development. Everybody has an OO.o icon on there desktop. Welcome to 2010. Everybody either has a prepaid phone from the stonage (about 1/10th) or an Android phone or an iPhone. Androids outnumbers iPhones.

          All students primairily use Google docs. Beamers can be connected to your own laptop.

          You were saying?


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            In our university it's pretty much half Windows Vista, half Ubuntu. Most of the Mac's are student laptops or desktops specifically requested by university staff for personal use. Most of the people use docx or doc. What was your point, are we now doing a school-by-school comparison on what people use?


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              Did you ever wonder why companies, inc
              uding race car companies, advertice for teens and other young, but older people; they influence the older people who actialy have the money for these things.
              My point? What students use and want is what the rest of society will be using and wanting in very short time.


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                Yeah. So since CS students and artists are pretty much the only Apple laptop users in my uni, we can extrapolate that only geeks and designers will be using Apple products in the long run. ;P


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                  Originally posted by V!NCENT View Post
                  How much I see MacBooks? 1/4th of what I see is Mac, especialy at school.
                  And the rest is GNU/Linux?

                  Even if it is the case (what I doubt), my point was that statistically, there's many more Windows boxes. And what's more important, those boxes happen to have the most commercial users. And they run a lot of commercial (binary-only) software, which you cannot change/migrate from overnight.

                  Windows and its binary compatibility is not going to "die" any time soon. And if it does, it will be succeeded by .NET-based environment.

                  Having said that, I'm still a Linux enthusiast.
                  I just don't believe that Linux will ever become mainstream.
                  Live with that, commercial entities better meet people's needs than any group of ideologically-motivated (==selfish, essentially) people, because the essence of business is solving someone else's problems for a reward.

                  GNU/Linux will always be an open field for experiments where businesses will learn how to do (or not to do) things. And that's what I like about it.


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                    Did I also mention that the other half of school is phsychology? 99% of these students either are a girl or want to be a girl.


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                      There are not a lot of Linux pc's. About 1/35th of the people I had a conversation used Linux and 100% of these Linux user were either a boy or want to be a boy.

                      But what is your point? I said that both Mac and Linux are taking over, not that Linux is solely taking over; for every twenty Mac convert there is about one Linux convert. User space app-whise free software is going on a full scale attack. FireFox and Chrome is killing IE and is being almost always installed, even when MSOffice is installed.