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GNOME Shell 2.31.2 Brings Exciting Changes Too

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  • GNOME Shell 2.31.2 Brings Exciting Changes Too

    Phoronix: GNOME Shell 2.31.2 Brings Exciting Changes Too

    A few hours ago there was the release of Mutter 2.31.2 and there were several interesting changes (particularly theme and performance enhancements) for this compositing window manager that's replacing Metacity in the GNOME 3.0 desktop. With the release of GNOME 2.31.2 (a GNOME 3.0 development snapshot) set for release this week, a new release of GNOME Shell has emerged...

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    Not bad.

    I finished building it a short while ago and like it thus far. They've fixed some things that have been nagging me(stupid window as texture scaling when maximizing window, status window now built with st rather than gtk, notifications work better[not good enough yet]), and mutter works really well now. IMHO, this is now the best WM I've yet tried when it comes to a tear-free experience(Kwin has gotten much better in terms of features but it is still, as of 4.2.?, unstable for primary usage; compiz works nicely for awhile, but performance degrades over time, and becomes glitchy; metacity works well, but just not as tear-free as mutter). Another thing that I've noticed, though it may have been applied previously, is automatic un-redirection on full screen (used youtube's webm section with compiz, without setting unredirect, and Xorg was struggling in fullscreen; turned on mutter and fullscreen, and Xorg was a good bit less busy - enough so that the Prince of Persia trailer played completely smoothly, unlike when using Compiz).
    This is a nice, mostly bug fix release, but I hope they don't forget some of the other objectives of GS that I haven't heard discussed for awhile. Those are the reasons that I have been really excited about this project. Thus far, it seems they are focusing far too much on making Desktops accessible the primary raison d'etre for GS. Come on, work on that Mutter plugin framework (I really want a smarter window management experience than any WM has thus far been able to give), give us full Tracker support, and let the overview become widgetized.



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      I have to agree with Liam. I played with Gnome Shell a few months ago, and although it was still quite rough around the edges, it's actually a really great WM.

      One thing that was not very good was the look of the side panel when you went into the zoomed out mode (the highlights were too bright and way too rounded). Have they made that themeable yet?


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        Looks awesome thus far:

        Fscking hell When is Raptor getting done?! KDE should have had this tech a long time ago...