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    Originally posted by myxal View Post
    My point is everybody's getting their pants wet over Steam/source coming to Linux, but somehow making a better-performing Flash player is somehow a bad thing - I fail to see how.
    One cannot replace popular games, It is just like artwork. There are not much popular Linux games out there. Thus, given the obvious FAIL, good games are needed. Proprietary so be it.
    What Linux doesn't need is Flash, simply because there is also HTML5 and WebGL comming up. Long story short: Steam required because no other good games. Flash not required because the functionality, currently only Flash is providing, is already in steady development and already coming as FLOSS to Linux.

    The parent asked for useful, not required but please keep putting words in my mouth.
    It was pretty much rethorical sarcasm, definately not putting words in your mouth..

    Dinosaur-think. Or, "not on someone else's computer/INternet cafe/smartphone/low-spec netbook/smartbook etc. you can't,[...]
    Oh yeah... my smartphone totally doesn't lack any power for Photoshop-like image editing. It is also an extremely small screen. Propping is the only usefull thing on these devices and they are already capable of doing that, so...

    [...]nevermind the multi-window interface which[...]
    Yeah never mind the multi-windowed user interface. Wanne know why Adobe Photoshop is also just as multi-windows on the Mac? Because according to Adobe the windowmanager of Windows was so pathetic, they needed to create a single window UI solely because it would otherwise be unbearable to use under Windows.

    • last time I checked, IE held the largest share, even in Europe.
    • Really? The latest IE, being IE8, has about 10% marketshare. IE7 has 20 percent. IE6 now has about 15% and Firefox 30%, Chrome 10%, Safari 10% and the rest 5%.

      Here's some advice, and I am doing 'customer support' (sorta) for some elearning website:
      If you get an e-mail from somebody who uses a realy crappy browser I simply ask them "Did you install the latest version of your browser?" (always IE) and when they say "Yes but it still doesn't work" than I simply respond with The Correct Answer (TM). I am asuming that the people that mail me are not idiots; they simply do not know anything about computers, so I do not treat them like idiots. I made a standard respond email in which I explain them in layman terms;
      -What is wrong = this being we use the latest industry standards, but;
      -Microsoft is trying to catch up with everybody else, but haven't caught up yet
      -Alternative, high-quality industry-ready (R)(C) browsers.
      And As them to get back to me per e-mail if things are still problematic.

      Thius dramatically reduced the mails I got since people expected 'us' to do their work for them. No longer do I reset acounts, I just mail them a standard mail with a link to the 'Forgot Password' page and so they have to also do some effort.

      Believe me... it works and people are grateful (I sometimes get thank you mails) to get such explainatory help.

      It is just too bad that some people have no insight/SQ and they get the shit al over them and want to complain about anti-social people that they have to deal with every day. *Please buy a mirror*

    • inertia
    • "nobody got fired for going with Micrsoft"-thinking
The New York stock exchange only crashed two times due to the UNIX to Windows move. Believe me when I say people got firedd for it!

And lastly you complain about HTML5 not working in all browsers. Well good old chap, Flash works in no other browser than Goolge Chrome, all the other browsers need a plugin. IE websites work on no other browser whatsoevere, not even between IE6, 7 and 8 is there compatibility... Give or take...