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Lightworks Video Editor Going Open-Source

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    the Linux solutions haven't been great compared to other platforms
    Never heard of Lightworks Video Editor before but has anyone ever used Kdenlive ?
    It is VERY efficent. Maybe not for professional use but very usable and complete to me.


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      I'm also quite skeptical about these news. The information given is so vague that it's quite hard to even find out on which hardware/OS the program is running at the moment. I wouldn't be too surprised if the "free download" they mention just means some crippled version of the software, while the "open source" means being able to write plugins and other additions to this program.

      While I hope that this might be something, I'd rather direct my hopes towards Lumiera ( which is being built (and documented) carefully from scratch to become a NLE suited for professional video work, something like Ardour is for audio work. They are just in need of some coders at the moment. No fancy screencaps or promises of dates for beta or even an alpha, but go check it out. They are doing it the right way.


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        Thanks for that but it wasn't listed.

        Originally posted by yogi_berra View Post
        You forgot Autodesk Softimage (was XSi).
        According to RH's ISV search Autodesk only listed maya. However, I didn't search for XSi, though I would assume Autodesk would have listed that if it was supported



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          +1 on the skepticism. The press-release is mostly self-promoting marketing bla bla. The only concrete thing I could distill is that they will be offering a "free Lightworks download.", and it doesn't even say for what platforms.


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            Originally posted by wazyk View Post
            Never heard of Lightworks Video Editor before but has anyone ever used Kdenlive ?
            It is VERY efficent. Maybe not for professional use but very usable and complete to me.
            It was fairly obscure in the professional editing world too. It was a little like Smoke (which runs on Linux too, by the way) where you used to have to buy their specialized turnkey computer system.

            Interestingly now Somke and DaVinci (a colour grading system that runs on Linux) now have Mac versions which are getting really cheap - around $1000 to $5000 (Smoke used to be a $40,000 hardware/software system, and DaVinci was around $20,000 entry iirc)


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              What is said there isn't really helping my skepticism:

              EditShare plans to let developers create and sell plugins, options, or I/O devices through an online market place. According to Tara Montford, EditShare's Co-Managing Director, "We are increasing our development and support staff, and all contributed code will be thoroughly managed by our distinguished Lightworks team, ensuring the reliability of the new Lightworks Open Source editor.?


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                They're using the paid (and some free too I'm sure) plugin business model, like several open source software projects use. That can sometimes be a bad thing depending, since I prefer it being completely open but with paid development offered, but even THAT can be bad. Quite simply, money can = bad morals, so unless you're careful and unless those running the company have morals, you can get burned, like with any business.


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                  Originally posted by CNCFarraday View Post
                  And, in related news: Full HD 1080p raw capture card with native Linux drivers from the manufacturer itself:

                  Intensity HDMI Capture Card

                  They even have a cute Tux!

                  Adobe, your days are numbered!
                  That seems quite off-topic and you should have created a new thread, and I don't see what any of that has to do with Adobe, but regardless that is cool and it's interesting to see independent hardware sellers pop up with Linux in mind. See a lot of them do so for video capture cards in particular for some reason.


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                    Originally posted by phoronix View Post
                    Phoronix: Lightworks Video Editor Going Open-Source

                    While there have been video editors on Linux like Cinelerra and Kino for some length of time, and more recently there have been new open-source projects that aim to better non-linear video editing on Linux like OpenShot and PiTiVi, up to this point it's been an area just like gaming: the Linux solutions haven't been great compared to other platforms. However, there's a lot more potential for that to change now that a professional video editor for Linux is being open-sourced...



                    Good news indeed.

                    Does anyone know if Lightworks is going to continue to supply the external jog/shuttle dial and or 16-channel external fader pack with the new release of Lightworks? The jog/shuttle dial is what sold me on the package. Being an ex-CMX editor it made a good transition.

                    I can't get Lightworks sales (EditShare) to response - by mail or phone. Not a good way to attract or keep loyal customers.

                    If anyone has an answer to this question please get back to me. I'm at:[email protected]

                    Thanks in advance.