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Wine 1.1.41 Released w/ Direct3D Improvements

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  • Wine 1.1.41 Released w/ Direct3D Improvements

    Phoronix: Wine 1.1.41 Released w/ Direct3D Improvements

    It's time for another bi-weekly development release of Wine and this time we have the v1.1.41 release, which brings some particularly interesting changes. Wine 1.1.41 offers up a "wide range" of Direct3D improvements, support for SHA-256/SHA-384/SHA-512 algorithms, more MSHTML fixes, support for MP3 decoding on Mac OS X, widl improvements, more typelib fixes, and OLE storage improvements. There's also the usual variety of bug-fixes...

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    Great. How about a benchmark? Wine looks like it has really strengthened these past few years. I think we'd all like to see just how much.

    I suggest you get a Nvidia system with the proprietary driver, and test it against a similar Windows system, with a range of popular modern games.


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      If any benchmarking is in fact done. It is also important to try the same games/apps using WineD3D on Windows to get an idea of how good/bad the emulation code in Wine is since the drivers are the same. Differences are due to the OS.


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        It would be good to know what Direct3D features are missing and still need to be done!

        Users want to know when they will be able to play Dx3 games without a second thought of problems.


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          These days most work is going on in >=D3D8. The people who work on this area are typically employed to do so. So now and then someone wants to get his favorite oldie working well and we support him but typically we won't hack on that old stuff much. We really love to support all the old stuff but we are limited in time since there is so much to work on. People are welcome to assist us with coding and writing GOOD and detailed bug reports. The best would be patches and we would be willing to assist you.


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            Let the wild rumpus start!

            I too am piqued by the idea benchmarking windoze vs Wine vs Linux vs MacOS

            No doubt such a broad net will benefit all parties (after all, unless the benchmarks strongly favor Windows, you KNOW MS will have smart people looking at why)

            although, with the focus on the open source 3d stack, Linux isn't terribly competitive at the moment. (Not to complain. It's marvelous to HAVE a viable open source 3d stack. Not long ago intel was it. When nouveau was started there was a lot of doubt as to whether it was even possible without mfr support)

            anyhow, I suppose the binary nvidia and fglrx drivers will have to figure in there as well for the moment.


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              I think it would be an interesting benchmark, too. But, to be consistent and compare everything, I would include;

              Windows 7, Ubuntu 10.04 (newest ver.) Fedora 12 (13 if it's released by then)

              Then choose a common game that is considered 'gold' in Wine.

              Then have a half decent Nvidia card w/ binary driver

              Then have a half decent ATI card (maybe HD 4850 or HD 4870) w/ fgrlx driver

              Then benchmark it all.

              I'm just as interested in viewing the difference with ATI as looking at the difference of Linux (w/ Wine) versus Windows.

              Anyone else?


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                Open GL 3.3/4,0 support in WINE?

                Has anyone else spotted this line in the changelog:

                "opengl32: Add OpenGL 3.3/4.0 extensions."

                Can anyone shed more light on that?


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                  Originally posted by ianmacfarlane View Post
                  Has anyone else spotted this line in the changelog:

                  "opengl32: Add OpenGL 3.3/4.0 extensions."

                  Can anyone shed more light on that?
                  We are just forwarding all opengl32 calls to libGL. This just updates opengl32 with OpenGL 3.3/4.0 support. Your libGL needs to offer that for it to do anything.