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KDE Software Compilation 4.4 Released

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    well said Hephasteus


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      Hehe, what kind of people cares about console scrolling speed, does a benchmark about it, and worries about the result???
      The speed of Konsole in my machine is fast, I don't feel any slowness.

      KDE 4.4 is a very nice release, I would switch from GNOME to KDE, but I'm happy because I already use it.

      It is even possible to configure KDE to look as GNOME, with some plasma widget in


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        Originally posted by Ex-Cyber View Post
        So, what is (or will be in the near future) a good distro for trying out KDE 4.4? I assume Gentoo would be the obvious choice, but are there any other distros, livecds, etc. that are likely to work well?
        Incorrect assumption actually. Gentoo's KDE 4.2 is inferior to openSUSE KDE 4.1. Distros like openSUSE and Mandriva (I think) backport patches from trunk to have the most features and the fewest bugs. That, and it's easier to get things to compile once correctly (binary distros) than to get them compiled correctly in dozens of different configurations (Gentoo, LFS, Arch).


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          Originally posted by Hephasteus View Post
          I use gnome. I have gnome based superiorty. Therefore you must possess KDE based inferiority. Because everyone knows you can't be right unless you can make someone else wrong. It's not possible that both KDE and Gnome users are right. The winner gets to have more attention showered on them as they are the HOT ticket. You will suffer greatly for choosing KDE by a lack of support and good apps as we arbitrarily reduce you to your natural inferior position due to you poor skills at preference discernment. Choose gnome "rightousness" before it is too late and you are doomed to your inferior wrongness and must repent and bow before our mighty gnome feet as we trample all over your self esteem with our stinging taunts and mocking nature. LOL

          Na you guys are alright. Unless you are using KDE with Arch. Those guys are going to get it!!!!
          Comparing KDE to Gnome is like comparing a 240hz Samsung LCD to a 60hz Insignia. Even if both are "nice", you can't make a reasonable argument about the Insignia being better - even if it's good enough for what you do with your TV.

          Can you guess which is the Samsung and which is the Insignia?

          (Excellent post BTW)


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            Originally posted by Ragas View Post
            KDE4.3-4.4 are great! I'm just thinking about switching to main use of kde after my exams took place.

            for my laptop i'm not quite sure if it's a good Idea to switch. Does anyone know how hardly it impacts battery life in comparison to gnome?
            I mainly run a dell inspiron 1525 laptop with crappy intel 965gm graphics.
            I do notice that kde is a tish more tasking than gnome on this laptop, but it's not a huge difference over gnome w/ compiz and emerald and whatever else. I can't really attest to battery life too awfully much though, as I mainly run the laptop plugged in. I would guess gnome w/ compiz probably uses slightly less battery than kde plus composting. without composting on either, it's probably about dead even.

            Just a tip: I like ubuntu a lot. I generally am more comfortable with it and find it pretty nice, but ubuntu+kde (kubuntu) isn't very good. I currently am running openSuse 11.2 with kde4.3 rc2 packages installed, and it is MUCH more performant on my laptop than is kubuntu. I'd go with a good kde distro if you don't mind switching if you intend to use kde... just so you know...


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              Much love for openSUSE here... why?

              Personally, I tested KDE 4.3 on Arch, Kubuntu and openSUSE and vastly preferred the vanillad Arch implementation. Kubuntu was also pretty nice, if a bit buggy (high hopes for 10.04). OpenSUSE... well openSUSE sucked. I won't derail this thread (again) with details, so suffice to say that using it was an aggravating experience in pretty much all ways: from installation (for the love of gods, don't netinstall!), to boot times, drivers, updates, UI design... ugh! Total turn off.

              Keep your sanity, go Arch!


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                That's KDE 4.4 compiled on my laptop and my media box (both Gentoo)

                V pretty

                Will give it a good testing latter


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                  Originally posted by rohcQaH View Post
                  not sure about gnome or even actual battery life, but when upgrading from kde 3.x to 4.x I noticed that my laptop got significantly hotter. I'd guess it was due to compositing and animating everything, resulting in higher GPU frequencies.
                  Disabling compositing or switching to the lightweight XRender based mode might have helped. No idea, I went back to 3.x because 4.2 failed every time I attached an external projector. I'll have to try 4.4 again soon.
                  There's a global hotkey for enabling/disabling compositing. But I think KWin does quite well cpu/gpu usage wise in 4.3.x and probably better in 4.4. You can also set your power scheme to disable compositing as soon as your laptop goes on battery power.

                  I've used projectors without problems in 4.3.x in Kubuntu using the stock Intel driver.

                  I switched from gnome to KDE about a month ago and I can't see ever going back.


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                    KDE 4.4 released! Awesome. The worlds leading desktop environment is once again ahead of everything out there, on every platform.

                    OpenSuSE sucks both of my balls. The only thing that's good about it is that Novell makes it and they put a lot of effort in KDE. The bad part starts even before you run it for the first time... The installer takes three times as long as the Windows XP install that formats a terabyte drive. It's absolutely horrendous...

                    And then we have Gnome. It's reason for existing was being the only FLOSS DE out there for GNU/Linux. Well today KDE is more FLOSS orientated than Gnome and KDE, along with Qt is fully GPL'd.

                    Then there is what seperates Gnome from KDE: maintaining backwards compatibility so it can attrack proprietary software house that make GUI apps for it. It is totally against the reason it started in the first place: FLOSS. Not to mention that the foundation of Gnome is completely decades old tech and because of the latter it will never change...
                    In the second place you have minimalism with a theme that largely mimmicks OS X, but doesn't do it quite right. So that makes Gnome the Microsoft Windows of the desktop environments.

                    Then there are apps. Seriously, don't make me laugh. Rekonq, Kopete, Amarok, KdenLive, KMyMoney, Dolphin and so forth. The Gnome widget toolkit GTK+ is a complete joke. There isn't a feature in Gnome that KDE doesn't have.

                    Then there is power consumption. No, the craplist doesn't end here. When it is doing absolutely nothing it eats less power than KDE, but when one is doing nothing behind one's portable computer you might as well turn it off or put it in hibernation/suspend/sleep so KDE and Gnome both consume absolutely nothing. When a user does do a few things, Gnome linearly almost increases the demand for resources, while KDE 4.x shares a lot of its functionality, making it less resource consuming than Gnome by far.

                    What did I forgot? Oh yeah... The foundation for KDE 4.x is thus great that one can make its shell do everything. Yes, everything... Scripts, bitmaps, vector graphics, OpenGL and sound. With a few mouseclicks and a few line of code you can turn KDE 4.x into a futuristic Hollywood OS, if you want to. Gnome will never do anything like that because it sucks.

                    Then you have the minimalistic XFCE which has all featured one needs for a graphical desktop experience with three times the speed and sic times less resource consumption compared to Gnome.

                    Let's not even start about the documentation and the Gnome websites. Dear god... And if it might actually be to someones 'taste', its designs are horribly insistent across the board.

                    Face it: Gnome does fscking suck!


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                      Originally posted by portets43 View Post
                      Michael! please do a review on kde 4.4!

                      unless you don't like kde. none of us want a biased review...

                      i know, i know, i don't have a premium account.
                      This article is a joke. There are few page reviews about new Gnome releases where are usually only cosmetician changes, but only few lines review about new KDE release where changes are big. There's even written more about single MONO app which is nothing more then Rhythmbox and I don't remember if there was article about Amarok 2 which is much more:


                      Politics or what?


                      Not to mention that xterm runs so much faster on KDE 3.5 than on 4.4. It's amazing how anyone could stand to use KDE 4.4 with such bad xterm performance.
                      Someone should probably blame graphic drivers rather then DE. If I compare KDE 3.5 apps scrolling speed to Gnome apps scrolling speed, KDE 3.5 will be probably a clear winner.