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KDE Software Compilation 4.4 Released

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  • Originally posted by r1348 View Post
    No, apparently this thread is about guys substituting their penises with their DE.
    No this thread was KDE and how it compared to other DE's with a huge troll and flame sauce...

    And hey... that is typical Linux culture


    • KDE just happens to be the best. I too am running 4.4 on my Mandriva 2010 installation. It is very snappy.

      Originally posted by Joe Sixpack View Post
      That was quite clever.

      I'm not big into the whole KDE vs GNOME fanboy nonsense, but I think it's more than fair to compare them from a technical standpoint. The biggest selling point of Gnome 3 was gnome shell. Well now we have a problem:

      If you look at the videos, almost everything Gnome 3 promised is already implemented with the updates to Plasma. All fanboy BS aside, Gnome is yet again lagging behind KDE in terms of features and functionality. As usual, Gnome is saying they're going to implement something, while KDE is too busy actually producing.