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Wine 1.1.38 Brings Various Fixes

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    Originally posted by Chewi View Post
    I can't speak for Fedora as I'm a Gentoo user but it wouldn't surprise me at all if Wine doesn't play nicely with SELinux. Having said that, am I right in thinking that Fedora uses SELinux by default? I would expect that they've done all they can to make sure Wine works properly with it.
    SELinux comes by default, yes. And I think that the Fedora dev team sees Wine as a leverage for running Windows programs and that these Windows programs itself need to be profiled, if you know what I mean, instead of just seeing Wine as the app that is running when playing a Windows game.

    Originally posted by pvtcupcakes View Post
    When you open up the SELinux Troubleshooter thing, at the bottom click the thing that says something like "expand for more details. In there it has something you can paste into the terminal and it'll let Wine through SELinux. I can't remember what that command is though.
    I did that, but the results are the same