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Novell bans proprietary Linux modules

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  • Novell bans proprietary Linux modules

    The change came with Novell's Suse Linux Enterprise Server 10, released in July. With the move, Novell is aligning itself with the Free Software Foundation, which shuns proprietary software in general but in particular loathes proprietary modules that run as a component of the open-source Linux kernel.

    The Linux kernel comes with numerous open-source modules that handle everything from storing files on hard drives to communicating with networks. However, a few companies offer proprietary modules that let Linux communicate with various hardware devices. Among the most widely used proprietary modules are video card drivers that provide 3D graphics support.

    Sure, I may be the last person to find out about this, but this is an interesting spin on things. I had wondered why there were no NVIDIA drivers in the YaST when I took a look at 10.1, and here's the answer.

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    I'm neutral on this idea. I like both Proprietary and Open Source Modules. Both can either be good or bad, depending on whos making it and the time they put into it.

    Not sure why they would ban them, as it is not illegal to use or include them, since the kernel is not under a full GPL License. Maybe then they are just covering themselves for the future?
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