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Wine 1.1.36 Released With Better SM 4.0 Support

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    Originally posted by drag View Post
    Most video games use a third party gaming engine. People tend to try to avoid programming a whole lot in DirectX or OpenGL if they can help it.

    These engines usually provide things like collision detection, physics, rendering, etc etc. And, of course, major players will modify and improve aspects of the engines to make their games look more competitive.

    I don't know what it is like recently, but at least around the 2005-2007 time frame (when I last looked into it) most major commercial engines had a OpenGL rendering backend. Not everyone, but most of the popular ones. So it's not really that huge of a OpenGL vs DirectX if you really think about it; if that is still the case. Wheither or not the game is 'DirectX' or 'OpenGL' is just a configuration change during build time for lots of games (and a lot of debugging, of course)

    DirectX is just the best choice on Windows.

    Of course game makers also have the attractive solution of using Wine and Winelib to port to Linux. Wine is not just about making Windows applications run on Linux, but there is also a development aspect to it... They have tools to build and run applications completely from Linux that are binary compatible with Windows. Developers who want to have cross platform compatibility can use Wine to help them do it and you end up with a much superior solution then just throwing the Windows binary at it and hope it works.

    If I was a commercial game maker that would probably be the approach I would take if I had a existing game on Windows.

    If it's closed source and gets good performance then what does it matter exactly how it runs on Linux? (hint: it doesn't). Anything to lower the costs of supporting Linux is a good thing really.
    thats it! thank you :-)

    exampel ArmA2 do not have OpenGL render path the only chance we ever became a linux version of ArmA2 is a good 'Wine' support for Games like ArmA2 then they can port the game cheap to linux....

    the bext exampel was WOW... the strong Wine/cadega WOW support brings wow to macos and linux and blizzard realy care abaut this solution!

    in the strong support of Wine and 'opengL' billzard drop the directX render path in the next step wow like game..'

    realy i do not make fun.. blizzard realy works on a 'newage' wow based on 'OpenGL3.x' nativ version for macos and linux :-)

    in the end wine=win!
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      Originally posted by Qaridarium View Post
      the bext exampel was WOW... the strong Wine/cadega WOW support brings wow to macos and linux and blizzard realy care abaut this solution
      Actually WoW is supported on Mac OS X natively by Blizzard.
      And in the light of this I wouldn't believe much of the rest of your thread either. You seem to do very few research on things before you present them as facts.