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KDE style settings - which one do you like?

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  • KDE style settings - which one do you like?

    Okay, maybe this is an old topic or you think it's boring but I confess that I just learned how to change the kickoff menu to the traditional, 'classic style.' I like it better, I think.

    I have become used to the kickoff style but sometimes I have some trouble finding an application I want or I go to the wrong 'start' or branch. I got used to the classic style when KDE was at 3.5 and so I memorized where a lot of the apps were.

    I read that KDE 4 has been compared to Windows but also to Mac OS X or whatever version it's at now. Does anyone know whether KDE will further update or change the menu style or is that it for the most part? Also, will they keep the 'classic menu style' as an option to change to? Is it a lot of trouble for them to maintain that or is it just a case of adding whatever apps or packages get added to the default KDE menu?

    Sorry if this topic has been overdone but I was just curious what's going on and what KDE users thought.

    Thanks for reading.

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    There are some projects for other menus out there (Raptor, Lancelot) so it doesn't have to neccessarily be Kickoff for the next years. I hated Kickoff at first but now really got used to it. The classic menu style will still be avaible in the future.


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      At first Kickoff felt a bit strange but now that I got used to it I also like it more then the old plain menu. Currently I'm trying out the Lancelot menu and I think I'm starting to like it even more.


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        Who even uses Kickoff anymore? I like using Krunner to launch my apps better.
        But yeah I still keep a launcher-menu around, currently lancelot which imho is pretty neat but kinda slowish (might be fglrx at fault here though).
        Kickoff is nice if you only launch a handfull of applications regularly (you favorites), but sucks when you want to launch any other application.