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GStreamer Video Work To Be Done By H2'10

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  • GStreamer Video Work To Be Done By H2'10

    Phoronix: GStreamer Video Work To Be Done By H2'10

    Back on Sunday we shared The GStreamer, Cairo Video Hackfest Results after GNOME, Intel, and X developers were working hard for a few days in Barcelona to hash out plans to improve Linux video playback in the GStreamer multimedia framework via using Cairo/Pixman and gaining support for VA-API/VDPAU. Sunday's article shared most of the details we knew at that time, but now GNOME's Benjamin Otte who organized this "hackfest" has shared his conclusions. These conclusions can be found on the GStreamer Wiki and they consist of YUV support in Pixman, YUV support in Cairo, locking support in Cairo for thread-safety, locking support in Mesa for thread-safety via exposing a new GLX extension, switch GStreamer to using Cairo for its video transport model by default, port the gst-plugins-gl plug-in to use Cairo, a possible extension to X Render, a JIT compiler for Pixman, and video decoding acceleration support for GStreamer. For the video decoding acceleration support, the developers at this Barcelona event tried to get quick demos of VA-API and VDPAU running with GStreamer, but they failed in doing so...

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    Hopefully this should push driver development even more. Great news!


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      Great! Hope that this is a realistic plan. Not that it get's even later.