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    Originally posted by User42 View Post
    Why is it that a social fight that has been won for decades in the Western world generally needs to be put in the limelight like this as if it was an undergoing battle?
    if you think the fight has been "won" you haven't been paying attention.


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      Originally posted by mxan View Post
      Love all the political nonsense in the blog post too. Free software has nothing to do with LGBT pride, why do they insist on shoehorning it in?
      .... I mean the title of the Blog Post is " #151 Pride Month" so if you even read you would understand 'why'.

      Free software has everything to do with freedoms from arbitrary restrictions on development and usage of the things you own and have rights to. Free software pushes for rights to do what you want, when you want, with the things you own. Sympathetic on a high level with the LGBTQ struggle and apropos 'politically' with most free software organizations I know. Its just the commenters in forums that tend to get vitriolic or hyperbolic about these sorts of 'solidarity' call outs.