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GNOME Continues Working On New Installer, "Major Issue" With STF

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    Originally posted by bhptitotoss View Post

    how about you GTFO with conspiracy theories man you think EVERY progressive organization is up to no good lol your post is full of assumptions and baseless accusations its just easy to blame woke or DEI space for everything have you got solid proof on mismanagement nope just your hate let's talk when you can actually bring FACTS and not just opinions you are the one playing victim here spreading hate and nonsense while actual people are trying to make a difference stop being salty and open your eyes to reality
    Ouch! Besides making a fool of yourself, not sure what your purpose was there? Have you read the second paragraph by any chance before getting triggered? I find it absolutely delightful to see people preaching tolerance, respect and social betterment make a fool of themselves by shitting on those values as soon as there is a hint of disagreement... It's even worse when line 2 of your citation contains "yeah, to spell it out completely: the line above was a joke".

    You are yourself the archetype of the very kind of people you're fighting. Isn't that great?

    Oh, and since that seems to be important to you, I think I should correct you on something: I'm not a man.
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      Originally posted by L_A_G View Post

      Having talked to people who've dealt with getting money thru German bureaucracy they genuinely are pedantic...
      I don't disagree. My point was more "let's not be hasty". My brother's wife works for the German government. I think she agrees so much she is one of those people trying to make it better for everyone at her level. So, she is often disheartened when people jump on the conclusion (which is indeed coming from somewhere) when the actual issue is elsewhere.