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LibreOffice 24.8 Alpha 1 Open-Source Office Suite Released

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    Originally posted by Luke_Wolf View Post

    Sun didn't just buy StarOffice and leave it to rot, they bought StarOffice then they developed the ODF specification and forced it on the world. radically changing the product, including things like later forcing Java into OpenOffice.

    Was it ever a good product? ehhhhh
    Was it a Sun Microsystems product by the time most people touched it? yes it was 100%
    It was not only Sun Microsystems that developed the ODF specification.

    OpenDocument standardization:Participants

    The whole linked article is worth a read, as is:


    It is true to say that
    [the standard]was based on the Sun Microsystems specification for XML, the default format for and LibreOffice. It was originally developed for StarOffice "to provide an open standard for office documents.​"
    That statement has a citation to StarOffice XML File Format Working Draft, Technical Reference Manual, Draft 9, December 2000 (PDF), which in the preface says:
    This manual describes the StarOffice XML file format. XML is the new native file format for the StarOffice suite, replacing the old binary file format. Our goal is twofold: to have a complete specification encompassing all StarOffice components, and to provide an open standard for office documents​
    So Sun Microsystems developed an XML-based format for files produced by the StarOffice suite, which was subsequently used as the basis of the OASIS ODF standard, which had contributions from other parties. Sun did not 'force it on the world'. If anything, it was Microsoft that 'forced Office Open XML on the world' - see the Wikipedia article on the Standardization of Office Open XML.

    I was very peripherally involved in the process of standardization of both standards at the time. It was 'educational' to see how badly the ISO organization handled the Microsoft OOXML standardization process. It gave many people an insight into the governance of ISO standardization processes.