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    Originally posted by Daktyl198 View Post
    So you're admitting to spreading malware on purpose? Like I said, just a troll lmao.
    No jackass, I was being sarcastic.

    That other poster claimed that I was a member of Israeli Intelligence that that targeted him because he was a "dissenter", then he claimed I was a member of some hacker group out to attack Phoronix members.

    The supposed attack he claims was carried out by infiltrating Puget Systems' servers that host their articles, and planting a virus that daisy chained 14 different vulnerabilities in Firefox to compromise his Fedora 39 fresh install running KDE.

    The supposed virus survived a complete disk format the first time but not the second time and let's not forget that German and American Intelligence services notified him of the attack within 30 seconds, but apparently not fast enough to protect his computer.

    I am flattered that he thinks I have those kinds of computer skills, but the scenario he has concocted is way beyond what I am able to do with a computer and in fact i don't think anyone not in the CIA, FSB, MI6, or similar organization would be able to do such a thing.

    More importantly, no one cares about him enough to bother.


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      For anyone that might read what that person qarium says and believe his nonsense, here is the website i linked to:

      Puget Systems specializes in tailor-made computing solutions for all business needs. We build quality workstations and servers for your unique workflows.

      These guys have been in business for years and they have a very good reputation.

      You can check out their articles and see for yourself.

      Trust me, no one is hacking their website, these people are pros with extensive knowledge and resources.

      qarium is either a liar, troll, or he really did get an infection just not from Puget and his tiny brain can't believe that Fedora could be vulnerable unless someone targeted him specifically.


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        Originally posted by sophisticles View Post

        No jackass, I was being sarcastic.
        Ahh, one of the tinfoil hat kind of guys. Please accept my apologies then.