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OBS Studio 30.1 Released With AV1 Support For VA-API & PipeWire Video Capture

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    Originally posted by Jumbotron View Post
    Where would you begin such a software fix ?
    Seems like it would probably be possible to do something inside VAAPI in the driver? Maybe not, though, since they haven't.


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      Originally posted by shmerl View Post

      There is no way to fix hardware, but why can't that be worked around with software? I.e. render with extra bands, then clip it (in ffmpeg), no?

      It would be weird if hardware starts decreasing dimension values, becasue that's super confusing but increasing is OK, because as above it can be clipped.
      Sure, you can crop it with ffmpeg, but then you have to reencode it with something, obviously not VCN because that'd just put the padding back. And in that case why not just use that alternate encoder (presumably SVT-AV1) to begin with?

      The only way a workaround would be possible is if the target container format has some way to specify a crop in the metadata. I don't know which ones (if any) do.