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GNOME 2.27.5 Released, Marks Feature Freeze

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    Originally posted by L33F3R View Post
    As it stands current gnome is better then current "stable" KDE. Stability is the key factor in this.
    I'm using KDE 4.2 since it was out, and the only stability issues were 3 plasma restarts ... Now 3 restarts in half year time that is quite stable for me. Also those restarts were harmless as in no data or open apps were lost.


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      Originally posted by val-gaav View Post
      I have never used Gnome Do or Tomboy but Amorok is way better then Banshee ... most people consider Amarok to be the no 1 linux player, just like Firefox is considered the no 1 browser.
      Having used both, I vastly prefer Banshee 1.4 to Amarok 2. "Most people"? Citation needed.

      I bolded the important thing for you. So using technology from a company that makes such statements is as safe as using Qt?
      Oh wait:
      1. Mono is not Microsoft technology. It is an ECMA standard.
      2. Microsoft has made an irretractable and legally binding promise not to sue anyone implementing the standard.

      If Debian considers Mono as free and Canonical feels safe enough to use Mono on its default install, I most definitely have no problem using it.

      I just find it funny how Gnome based distros do not include Qt4 apps in default install, because of extra space/dependency issue while on the other hand "controversial" mono is ok even though it is an extra dependency... If they stayed with pure GTK+ apps I would shut up...
      Mono's GTK# *is* pure GTK+, just like Python's GTK+ bindings are pure GTK+.

      Besides, what Qt4 apps are useful enough for a default Gnome install? I can only think of two: VirtualBox and Opera, which definitely don't belong there.

      Finally, you might not be aware but every Qt version between 4.x and 4.5 had *completely* broken font rendering. Trolltech took their sweet time fixing the issue, which wasn't deemed as high importance - it just rendered every single Qt4 application completely unusable (KDE included). Now, most people don't really care about typography but my job requires spending 8+ hours a day before a monitor and I absolutely *demand* text to be as perfect as possible on screen.

      Thanks but no thanks, Trolltech, I think take my chances with GTK+.

      (rant over )


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        not a bad rant. I would also like to point out that amarok isnt that popular on mint install. It isnt a gnome/kde thing because the top media player is VLC. Also in the banshee listing some guy comments on amarok not working as well as he would like. It is the only comment. banshee is also downloaded much more.


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          BTW, just thought this would be fitting in this thread but there is currently a huge outcry to make openSUSE have KDE as the default desktop once again. It is by far the #1 requested feature in openSUSE.

          • Votes: 451
          • Positive: 367
          • Neutral: 9
          • Negative: 75


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            I have also heard (and participated in) some uproar in the (k)ubuntu community to replace GNOMEbuntu with Kubuntu, and have KDE be default. I hope that happens, but I don't really think it will...