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KiCad 8.0 Released For Leading Open-Source EDA Software

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    Originally posted by pong View Post
    Thank you for your reply.


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      I wish they would overhaul the UI… integrate the tools better, have consistent keyboard-shortcuts across them and preferably some that are not completely counter-intutive to all other software.

      Cleaner icons, better descriptions of functions and such… it still have a lot of '90s Software' vibe to it, sadly.

      But it is a very powerful, yes.


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        Originally posted by timofonic View Post

        I hope 9.0 will solve issues like this:
        - Library table chaining
        - A lot better Git integration.
        - Collaborative features for big 50+ projects. Real-time would be amazing.
        - User Interface Modernization (KiCad Future Versions Roadmap).
        Please note that the "Roadmap" isn't used anymore. Planning happens through the gitlab issue system, and when needed, separate documents if something needs more planning. Most of the mentioned roadmap items have their own issues. The plans have changed along the way and some items have already been implemented in one way or another. Examples:
        • Groups have been implemented long ago, but not "snippets" or rooms or channels. Rooms/channels has been assigned to a core developer so there's a good change to get it.
        • Thermal reliefs have been enhanced in some way.
        • IPC-2581 export has been implemented (at least partially). ODB has been assigned to a non-core developer, so let's see about that.
        • They have given up the idea of a stable python API and instead planning a more generic remote control system which allows different language APIs (this is recent news).
        • Pad stack has been assigned to a core developer. "Anti-pad improvements" would probably belong to that one.
        • Some kind of Git integration has been added, but it's rudimentary and a hidden feature.
        One way to see what is happening is to filter the issue list for example like this: (popularity is "thumbs up" and you can give a thumb up to upvote).