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GNOME Sees Progress On Variable Refresh Rate Setting, Adding Battery Charge Control

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    Originally posted by Estranged1906 View Post

    This, but unironically.
    To be perfectly honest, I'd have to think long and hard about it. My first impulsive reaction is "KDE is better than GNOME 2 is better than Windows 11 is better than macOS is better than GNOME 3". (Windows 11 is still much more hackable/customizable than macOS, where any avenues for UI customization that people find get squashed as bugs" but I'd have to decide whether I hate macOS's lockdown or GNOME's lack of a stable extension API more, given that I'd rely on the extension API to make GNOME more KDE-like than macOS if I used it.)

    ...but then I just got my equivalent to an SNES Classic about a week ago... a new-old-stock HP thin client from 2007 based on a VIA C7 and a replacement 8GB disk-on-module (it came with a 64MB one) that I've installed Windows 98 SE on. (I'm one of those "It's bad enough that weirdo Android-isms and Windows 10-esque widget-layout imperfections are creeping into KDE as they rewrite stuff from QWidget to Kirigami" people.)

    Running Win98SE on a CPU underclocked to 800MHz for thermal reasons (completely fanless device) and finding so much feel familiar and perfectly usable really does drive home how web browsers, games, the Rust compiler, H.265, and A.I. porn generators are the main things driving forward demand for faster CPUs and GPUs. (And, for that matter, having Win98SE's bitmap fonts make me feel "I returned from CRTs to my first non-laptop LCD panel! I'm home!" all over again, since I consider it not worth the expense and GPU heat to get HiDPI monitors and a GPU four times more powerful.)
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