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GNOME's Zeitgeist Engine Has Its First Release

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    It is unfortunate many here don't seem to understand what Zeitgeist is all about. Not so strange, neither did I until I spoke with one of the Zeitgeist developers at the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit. After I understood what it is supposed to do, I contacted the Strigi and Nepomuk developers (who were already talking to the tracker developers) and something nice is growing there ;-)


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      Why the negativity? Especially from those who are fighting for choice! So you think that to support choice, Zeitgeist should not be installed by default? Okay, neither should Nautilus, Firefox, Evolution, Thunderbird,, AbiWord Gnome, KDE or XFCE!

      Somethings have to be installed by default to make the system usable out of the box or perhaps you prefer the Gentoo distro where you pick everything as you install for three days! If Gnome chooses to have ZG installed by default, then you can choose to uninstall it just like you can uninstall Fx, Tb, Nl, AW, OOo or anything else that you do not want, even Gnome!

      To claim that true user choice means not installing by default means choosing a distro like Gentoo stage 1. Otherwise, you never have user choice.

      And for all of you who say you do not need ZG, that is fine. You are highly organized people who use folders/subfolders and meaningful filenames so that nothing gets lost. Good for you! ZG is probably overkill for you guys but there are others! They live under the staircase and they hardly ever use folders/subfolders and a meaningful filename to them is only meaningful the day they first use it. They need ZG!

      The alternative to that is for you to go to their homes and teach them how to properly use a file system for their own benefit with Best Practices whitepapers. Good luck with that. Until you complete your US tour, ZG will be needed.