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KDE Plasma 6.0 Beta 1 Released With Frameworks & Gear Updated

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    For posterity's sake, since I brought up the ~/.config issue, I had just never really gotten much feedback on this before. I posted about this same issue on here a couple/few years ago, and heard little other than one response that it could get changed. So I took a look at the released KDE 6 beta just to see what the deal was. Same thing, so posted about it, just to see if any feedback.

    I will add, this was an issue that I noticed right away in a past KDE installation, and have never much used KDE (though have nothing against it at all, just never stuck with it.) I tend to notice small details, probably more than the average person for sure. This sort of thing just sticks out to me. In the end, not a big deal. But was something I had wanted to follow up on given the one response from before when I previously mentioned. Do I think there is value in what I mentioned? Sure. But is it something I should lose sleep over? Surely not. In the end, something that really should be decided by people doing the work, which is not me. I was just curious about the whole thing.