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KDE Is Down To Just One Wayland Showstopper Bug Remaining

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    What DE is really about but everyone here has failed to mention:
    • Foundational libraries/toolkit (K Frameworks/G* libraries in Gnome).
    • Dedicated login manager (KDE has dropped KDM in favour of SDDM, but SDDM is a sort of KDE login manager. GDM for gnome).
    • File manager.
    • Extensible system for plug-ins.
    • Dedicated window manager.
    • UI configuration application.
    Window Managers normally don't have the first and the second but they may have everything else (e.g. Wayfire).

    Linux users can certainly be rampant but too often lack basic knowledge.
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      Originally posted by MadCatX View Post
      I had a feeling that the standalone Teams package is dragging behind its browser counterpart in terms of features and bugfixes.

      Also lacked the capability to be logged in with multiple Teams accounts simultaniously the last time I tried it.
      Works nicely in a browser due to profiles



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        Originally posted by avis View Post

        1. It has provided UI for a over decade now, NM applet + NM connection editor. This is not an exclusive Gnome component, this works perfectly anywhere under Linux where you have UI (Xorg or Wayland, whatever). XFCE includes and does use it.
        If you carefully inspect the URL your have provided, you will notice that it says "". network-manager-applet has been developed for the GNOME DE and it is still being developed under the GNOME umbrella. You can use it outside GNOME but in order to do that, GNOME needs to exist in the first place.

        Originally posted by avis View Post
        2. Secure storage for passwords? It has zero relationship to DE. I've used Gnome and KDE for quite a lot, never used KWallet or whatever Gnome offers for that.
        Both KWallet and gnome-keyring provide a D-Bus API that other programs can call to ask for secrets. That is what I was referring to when I mentioned centralized management. Maybe there is an independent secrets manager that provides the same API but I am not aware of any at the moment.

        Originally posted by avis View Post
        And how is storing passwords in files owned by the root user is not secure storage?
        1. Unless the machine has an encrypted hard drive, it is not secure at all. All that needs to be done is boot the machine from a Live USB.

        2. How is a root-owned file useful for other users that want to store their own passwords for their own accounts?

        3. Configuring programs to read secrets as plaintext directly from a file would be very difficult.


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          Originally posted by Brittle2 View Post
          restore session was a showstopper and it was fixed, the only monkey here is you, and a braindead only too, i hate people that just insult devs, they are working mostly free , they don't hep, and cry afterwards, grow up
          Application session you stupid monkey. It's in the list.


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            Originally posted by Damnshock View Post
            I find it interesting that according to you words nobody gives a shit but at the same time you took the liberty of insulting them.
            I was talking in general, also because the lead dev tries to push Wayland so hard when it's clearly lacking essential features (not KDE's fault directly).

            It is, however, KDE's fault for not protesting against it until they fix that broken shit upstream and add such necessary features to this crippled protocol.

            Promoting it when it clearly lacks a ton of them makes it their fault. It's like promoting something bad makes you an accomplice too.


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              Originally posted by TNZfr View Post
              Today, the last issue I meet is screen sharing in Teams client (doesn't work) so I must connect with X11. Other apps, now, seem to work fine. Maybe that's why distros offers wayland by default.
              Teams has no client on Linux. Only browser, where it works fine. They had client, but it was deprecated probably a year ago and should not be used anymore


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                Originally posted by Brittle2 View Post

                enter to silence 💀, i totally understand they nuking that lmao
                I don't know what it means. I want to say that those keys that I use as sound control do not work in Wayland.


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                  Originally posted by Damnshock View Post

                  May I ask what buggy mess that is? what were the issues? We would like to know what those problems are so we can fix them

                  By the way: you do know that Plasma X11 is still supported in F39 right?
                  I assume you are one of the KDE developers, or somehow associated with the project, correct?

                  If that's the case, thank you for asking and allow me to share with you my experiences.

                  Some of the issues were error messages upon boot up, this happened mainly with Rocky KDE spin.

                  There was an issue that happened primarily with Fedora KDE spin, where the panel would just disappear, even though i figured out how to reset it to default configuration, this should not be happening at all. There was another issue where opening a folder by using the shortcut on the panel would sometimes launch what looked like hundreds of folder instances, trailing ghosts, in a cascading fashion, going from bottom left to top right.

                  You have the issue where trying to move the panel from the bottom to the top always resulted in a differently configured panel, the only exception was the new Open Mandriva release. This should not require dragging a panel across the screen, with Windows and Mate you simple choose from a drop down menu where you want it and it happens automatically. In Cinnamon you choose what region you want it in and it snaps into place automatically. This is vastly superior to the way Plasma handles it.


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                    this is wayland we are talking about here.

                    wayland has been in a constant state of flux between "only 1 showstopper remaining"/"there are no showstoppers" for 10 years.

                    It was only a few weeks ago the only kde wayland showstopper was no 3rd parties wanting to adopt it.

                    wake me up when I can run 100% of my applications without needing that xwayland garbage, needing xwayland to do anything useful on wayland is probably the biggest showstopper right now.
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                      Originally posted by stormcrow View Post

                      ...... you can write an entire application based on QT/Plasma. You can't do that at all with IceWM. It's literally just a window management framework.
                      Not entirely correct. You write an application with qt, not plasma. Of course you can also use kde frameworks, but that is still not plasma. Plasma of course itself utilises qt and kde frameworks. You are confusing toolkits with WMs/DEs here.

                      Also, I think you are being a bit semantic while arguing with the guy. A DE is essentially a WM with couple of utilities such as panel, widgets and applications. These are not strict definitions per say. For example, do you call it a WM or DE when you have window manager with panel and widgets (like iceWM, JWM etc do) but does not have its own applications? You can simple supplement them with any application. What this person is comparing is KDE with iceWM+3rd party applications, which are functionally equivalent and can be compared, in the same sense that kde and gnome can be compared even if the former is much more capable than latter. Truth be told, presence or absence of applications makes little difference in this case since they are not relevant as bugs for them are not even being considered in the discussion (unless they have one specifically in wayland and not in x11).