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KDE Is Down To Just One Wayland Showstopper Bug Remaining

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    Originally posted by avis View Post

    1. I don't use those as most people don't.
    2. Never used those as most people don't.
    If you had merely said that DEs don't provide anything over IceWM that you care about or use, nobody would have objected and you could have avoided this whole back and forth. I think you just like arguing with people, though.


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      Originally posted by avis View Post
      1. I've never called for dropping compatibility!​
      You would call for exactly that if you were the maintainer of a code base so outrageously large and difficult. You would. Any one of us would.

      Originally posted by avis View Post
      Xorg requires no fucking maintenance. It just works.
      I have honestly learned something new here. Xorg is the first piece of software in the history of the world that does not require any maintenance, and has no need for maintainers.



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        Hahaaaaaaaa... lively!

        As far as "Window managers aren't the same as desktop environments, you meathead"... I mean, the way most people use them, they're pretty equivalent. Many of the dreams of desktop environment (CORBA, etc) are probably little used by most people. And while there is certainly more cohesion between, say, the file manager and the dock/taskbar in a DE, there are standards for interaction that don't necessarily require the huge "desktop environment" around it. Essentially it comes down to a bunch of apps written to use the same toolkit, and a GUI for settings. I can hack up a functional equivalent of a DE in Windowmaker or some other window manager, and 9/10ths of those complaining about how essential DE's are wouldn't miss anything (functionally, I mean, not cool whiz-bang gizmos that they think look uber cool.) Their workflow wouldn't be impacted.

        As far as Wayland goes... if the kids demand it out of some Platonic ideal of graphical subsystems, that's fine. I'll just keep using X11 cuz I've long since stopped wanting to use software that has problems all the time. Xwindow is a known entity that mostly works the way I need it. When a desktop DROPS support for Xwindow, however, is when I find something else to use. I don't know how long it takes Wayland to mature... it's likely that I'll be dead before it happens.


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          Originally posted by Volta View Post

          Except applications and usability.

          Not a surprise. Everyone knows Xorg will never met current standards. It's also security nightmare. Years ago you even wrote an article about how Xorg is broken (its title was something like: why Linux is not ready for desktop). Then you turned by 180 degrees and started supporting Xorg and blaming Wayland that came to fix Xorg issues that you were complaining about. WTF?

          P.S. last time you claimed Linux is hard-coded up to eight CPU cores (even if you saw Threadripper benchmarks and 'strangely' nobody from HPC or ~2000 CPUs workstations noticed such 'issue'..). There's something very strange about this.
          Nothing strange about this, birdie is just a troll, he just thrives on giving him attention. He loves taking a contrarian view in order to get others responding to him... I mean, think about this: He spends half his day on a Linux forum, bashing Linux and praising Windows. LOL.


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            Originally posted by Weasel View Post

            Nobody gives a shit what those monkeys consider "show-stopping" or not. How can they unironically put sticky keys as a showstopper but not "restore session" for example? LOL. Unreal.
            restore session will be fixed in kde 6.0. in fact they have it so that the session will restore all open windows regardless of what DE you use now.


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              Originally posted by Franco Castillo View Post
              They still haven't fixed the issue where custom keys don't work. In X.Org it works as configured. Use Insert to play, Home for previous track, Page Up for next track and End to stop. These keys work on Wayland and X.Org. The ones that do not work in Wayland are others such as the subtraction operator to decrease the volume, addition operator to increase the volume and Enter to silence the volume.
              enter to silence 💀, i totally understand they nuking that lmao


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                Originally posted by Weasel View Post

                Nobody gives a shit what those monkeys consider "show-stopping" or not. How can they unironically put sticky keys as a showstopper but not "restore session" for example? LOL. Unreal.
                restore session was a showstopper and it was fixed, the only monkey here is you, and a braindead only too, i hate people that just insult devs, they are working mostly free , they don't hep, and cry afterwards, grow up
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                  Originally posted by Damnshock View Post

                  As opposed to you being the owner of the absolute truth and whatever you define as a showstopper then everybody else (including KDE developers) must consider that as such, right? I am not a developer myself but I contribute to Fedora KDE and we work closely with upstream and we have meetings from time to time. I assure you we all want to please as many people as we can but that is certainly difficult.

                  I understand that it might be frustrating for you specifically because you are used to that specific feature. It's unfortunate but there's a limit to the resources that are available and not every feature and every workflow can be implemented.

                  Some stuff got implemented first because of a multiple of different reasons. I am sure your workflow will be fixed as well in the near future. You just need to be a bit patient :-)
                  he's a troll, always saying shit in the comments, don't bother to write a paragraph and explain things, but i agree with everything you said


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                    Originally posted by tgurr View Post
                    As long as Steam "In-home Streaming + Wayland" won't be properly addressed it's a major showstopper for me.

                    Also TeamViewer has only preliminary Wayland support and last time I tried it it was a nogo as well so no more remote work possible but who needs to work on Linux anyways right?

                    There's also software like Veyon for digital learning environments like schools wich will stop working as major workarounds for Wayland yet have to be implemented and/or the spec or portals don't include such a usecase at all yet: which leads to which is marked as "needs design/discussion" since 2020.

                    Imho this is still a long way to go and as soon as your requirements exceed just sitting infront of your screen working locally there's still much left to invent, programm and implement all over.
                    well, to be fair teamviewer suppport is already bad, even in windows, just search all the drama that the company did, linux is even worse, but isn't impossible, rustdesk is an opensource anydesk/teamvier alternative and it worked great on wayland(when i tested a few months ago), it's was slow tho, but probably was their servers getting to much requests and connections, and about the other school applications, it's more problematic, because, yeah, it's very sad they needing to change a bunch of code, but in the other hand there isn't anyone left to maintain xorg, the last one are probably red hat, because of contract issues, but they are deprecating it


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                      Originally posted by sindex View Post
                      At least, Wayland will be the default in Plasma when it's ready, GNOME had a tech preview as the default for years.
                      i agree, but to be fair, if they didn't start pushing it the KDE wayland couldn't be as seamless as it is now, with a lot of applications support etc