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KDE Plasma 6.0 Alpha Released With KDE Frameworks 6 & KDE Gear Updates Too

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    Is there a method to build KDE Plasma 6 in kdesrc-build as an additional DE option to Plasma 5? I am using Ubuntu 23.10, so trying to have deb packages instead of throwing the build into the system


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      Originally posted by evert_mouw View Post

      American != English

      (Looking into the mirror; I see a Dutch speaker trying to be a smartass...)
      I think you're quoting the wrong guy...because he is right in his response.

      Edit: actually I believe it's I see the confusion.

      Also, I weigh 657 bugs!


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        I guess I can give it a try once it lands in Arch's kde-unstable. I wonder if it will mean I can uninstall everything Qt5-related (probably not).

        Edit: I'm using krusader,so definitely not.
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          Originally posted by skeevy420 View Post

          Yes. My experiences with apps was great. My experience with KDE 4 was abysmal and, between that and my dislike for GTK 3 and GNOME 3, put me down the path of alternate desktop environments and window managers until I reluctantly gave KDE 5.4 or 5.6 or so a shot and fell in love. Been using KDE ever since.

          KDE 4 was back in my first decade of Linux usage. I was using Debian and Ubuntu back then and, well, that choice of distribution might have been a bad choice for KDE in general. In the past decade, on Fedora, SUSE, Arch, Manjaro, and every other rolling or newer distribution I've used with KDE it kicked ass and on every "LTS" or "Stable" distribution I've used it on it was just ass. I didn't know that shit 15, 20 years ago.

          Anything before that I was using GNOME 1 or 2 and I was a happy camper with no need to learn about alternate desktop environments. I think I'll die so salty over how much GNOME changed between 2 and 3 they'll be able to use my dead body as a solar salt reactor.
          KDE had their Gnome 3.0 moment when they created some "Netbook" desktop layout. But that was forgotten pretty fast and near the end of KDE 4 it had recovered enough functionality to be "KDE" again. The KDE 5 transition was much more smooth and usability was recovered much more faster than KDE 4.

          Those transitions are why I wish KDE 6 don't land on Kubuntu 24.04 LTS. Let Arch/KDE Neon/Fedora take the hit and the old farts like me can jump in after a couple years. KDE right now is at its peak in functionality and stability, and some of us want to enjoy it for a couple years more.


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            WOW, a cube from 2008!


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              Compiz is back yay


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                Applications in an environment KDE I admired very much because they had extra functions compared to their GTK+ brothers. Especially tool for working with discs. It is interesting how the situation turned and we are forced to install on where the Gnome tools.‚Äč


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                  KDE4 was horrible, but 5 has been very stable thus far. I am excited for 6, I have seen a very serious effort.


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                    after testing neon image i am really impressed! Very smooth and stable. And firefox were working much faster than on my tumbleweed (interesting why).
                    I am looking forward for the final release next year


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                      Today Plasma 6 was provided by the kde-unstable repo in Archlinux. The upgrade worked, packages got replaced just fine. The SDDM breeze theme is broken now, but I can login just fine with the default theme to Plasma 6 on Wayland. Plasmashell 6 and krunner 6 like to crash a lot, but at least kwin 6 didn't crash. If Plasmashell 6 crashed multiple times, it won't come back automatically. Somehow opening in krunner "plasmashell" doesn't return it anymore (maybe related to the systemd service?). But opening a terminal works and then you can start plasmashell from there. Interestingly opening the start menu and then clicking on the desktop crashes plasmashell immediately, very obvious that bug :-) Besides the expected instabilities and crashes, I'm quite positive about it so far as it works better than expected. I will continue testing it and I'm sure that Plasma 6 will work quite good once it is released officially :-)